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An Article by Perth Based wine blogger @lo_fi_wine

Natural Wine is popping up more and more on the humble Perthican’s radar recently and for the uninitiated one of the early challenges with drinking this style of wine outside of establishing what ‘Natural Wine’ actually is, is the act of finding a half decent place to buy some.

Indeed one of the most common questions I get asked in relation to my preferred alcoholic libation is ‘Where do you buy your wines from?’ or ‘Give us the natty juice connect’ (if you’re from Inglewood).

My first piece of advice is to forget your big retail chains and read this list which contains what I consider to be 10 of the best Natural Wine Stores, arranged in no particular order, in Perth.

My second piece of advice is get to know the legends that run the stores you frequent. Befriend your local bottle-o and let them take you on a journey tailored to your various predilections and wine-related kinks.

The third piece? If you feel so inclined, give me a follow on instagram – my posts are 100% Natty Wine, mostly from Perth and I always include information about where I procured the featured bottle from in the tags and location.

At the end of this list is a cheeky shout out for a new Natty Wine and Beer venue opening in West Leederville in August. So keep your eyes peeled!

With all that said, Let’s just jump into it.

Mane Liquor

These guys are absolute legends. My day ones. Elliott and Josh and the crew at Mane Liquor will get you where you need to be. With a great Selection of Australian minimal intervention wines at heaps good prices and friendly staff to walk you through them this is a great place to start.

They also have an intense selection of local and international beers which needs to be seen to be believed.

It’s a little out of the way for some but easy to park up and is definitely worth the trip.

Great Eastern Highway, Belmont.

Petition Wine Bar and Merchant

It is no secret that all of the venues contained within the State Buildings are incredible. Long Chim? Insane thai food. Petition Beer? Incredible tap list and bottles. Petition Wine? Don’t even get me started.

Across all of these venues there is one unifying legend. Emma Farrelly, Wine Director for the State Buildings. Multiply awarded, her wine lists consistently kill it, and Petition Wine Bar and Merchant is the only way to access her wine choices in take away form.

With incredible natural wines from all over Australia and the rest of the world, Petition focuses on quality producers, great service and respectable takeaway prices. Add $15 onto the takeaway price and you can dine in and enjoy the picturesque ambience of the bar and hall.

State Buildings, Corner of St Georges Terrace and Barrack, Perth City.

Wines of While

Tucked away at the quiet end of Northbridge on William street – that’s right, no stab-vest required – Sam, Charlie, Blake and the gang do a fantastic job of ensuring Perth is well stocked with incredible wine.

Those of you that follow me on instagram will know that I get around Wines of While in a big way. Very regularly. With fervour.

They have an insane selection of European natural wines (and some Australian), usually from zero/zero producers, which is wine lingo for zero chemicals in the vineyard and zero additions in the winery, at great prices. Just like Petition, add on $15 to the take away price and you can dine in and enjoy some delicious small plates and their amazing sour dough.

458 William Street, Northbridge.

Lalla Rookh Wine Store

Great Small bar with solid take away wines attached to their larger restaurant. The bar is accessible through the restaurant or from Sherwood Court. Their specialty is cult European Natural Wines and you can find some absolute gems here. Connected with some of the biggest and best importers of Natural Wine they feature an impressive list, all of which can be enjoyed whilst dining in or after having taken away.

Entry off Sherwood Court, Perth City.

Tiny’s Liquor

I have devised a 2 part plan when it comes to Tiny’s.

  1. Go to Tiny’s Restaurant/bar for the whole rotisserie chicken with the nduja and bread sauce.
  2. Leave by way of Tiny’s liquor to acquire some great booze to gently assuage your food coma when you get home.

The awesome little bar/store is stuck on the front of the restaurant like a bum bag. Living up to its name it’s pretty small but is literally packed to the rafters with great local and international booze.

Their ‘Turntable Takeovers’ (which see local producers lay down some tunes via vinyl whilst pouring out their wares) are an excellent addition to any Monday night.

QV1 Building, Milligan Street, Perth City.

Wise Child Wine Store

James and Lucy are taking care of business in Fremantle. Two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, they have a gorgeous little store secreted away in the backstreets of North Fremantle.

Starting out as Left Field Wine Store, they had an impressive selection of Australian wines and often stocked some producers that you would struggle to find elsewhere.

After having to put up with some copyright crap from a local business James and Lucy rebranded the store as Wise Child Wine Store and have gone from strength to strength. Now they are stocking some amazing European wines in addition to their unique Aussie selection.

Great prices, smiling faces, beautifully presented, an online store with local delivery. I don’t think you could ask for much more.

28 Thompson Road, North Fremantle.

The Re Store

Whilst The Re Store is a big dot on the local Continental Roll radar, it’s sometimes mistakenly overlooked from a wine perspective.

Let me set something straight here: The Re Store is a legend in the game of Natural Wine in Perth. They have an impressive selection of Australian and European Natties and are definitely one of the most affordable stores in the Perth area. Nick and the gang always keep the place well stocked and know their wares inside and out.

They also have a dumb selection of conventional wines (weird flex) and beers. Gotta see it to believe it.

231 Oxford Street, Leederville

Boat Shed Wine Loft

The Boat Shed Wine Loft is what you get when you suspend a few shipping containers that you’ve welded together above one of the best local produce markets in Perth.

The Wine Loft manages to simultaneously stock some amazing local producers at affordable prices whilst also presenting some super rare European brain-melters, as such, as long as you want something natty they’ve got all of your bases covered.

This is a great spot if you struggle to leave the Western Suburbs or want to feel fancy.

Photo by Mathew Crawford Architects

40 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe.

The Wine Thief

Lovely little spot hidden away in West Leederville.

Great range but sometimes a little more expensive than other spots. Make up for it by having some rare juice that can be hard to find or get a hold of at times.

They also stock some pretty dank spirits, liqueurs and beers that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

Definitely one to hit up if you’re feeling adventurous.

69 McCourt Street, West Leederville.

One to look out for:

Besk Bar

Besk Bar is opening on the 12th of August so get excited.

Elliot Moore of Mane Liquor and Ben Braham of Braham Architects have been working their hardest to ensure this place is going to be something really special.

You know Elliott has got the beer and wine situation covered and has even extended his reach into developing relations with some of the great European Natural Wine Importers into Australia.

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With house wines from Dormilona, regular events showcasing local and international producers, a crazy beer selection, multiple zones within the same building for different vibes and atmospheres this place is going to rock.

264 Railway Parade, West Leederville.

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Cover photo of Tiny’s Liquor in town.