With Western Australia having the world’s largest wildflower collection of 12,000 species, it would be a crying shame not to check out some of them for yourself. Below are some of the best wildflower trails Perth has to offer to get you revelling in their flowery goodness. 

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

Distance: Ranging from 1.2km (Eagle Views) to 2.1km (Sixty Foot Falls)
Recommended for: Beginners and above
Location: Martin, 30 minutes from the CBD

The Ellis Brook Valley Reserve is home to 550 species of spring wildflowers, and hiking up its many trails will take you past a plethora of Perth’s floral treasures, backed by stunning views of the Swan Coastal Plain. Although the main track is a must do, I would also recommend its younger brother the Eagle View trail. Parking for this can be found closer to the entrance. It is packed with flora and has benches at the very top to sit, relax and take in the gorgeous view. These are best done in September to October after the winter rains.

Photo by @dnvoyager

Wireless Hill Reserve

Distance: 1-1.5km
Recommended for: All
Location: Ardross, 23 minutes from the CBD

Wireless Hill is something a little closer to home with defined paths taking you around where the Applecross Wireless Station once operated. A beautiful park, with stunning views of the city, and plenty of wildflowers in season, including an abundance of orchids and kangaroo paw. While you’re here you can also check out the Wireless Hill Museum or have a barbecue with a view.

Photo by @annlef1

Kings Park

Distance: Any
Recommended for: All
Location: Perth, under 10 minutes from the CBD

As one of Perth’s most frequented parks, this inner city behemoth can take you past the casual lookouts to see some of the best species of wildflowers Perth has to offer in their natural environment. The park’s extensive trail network allows you the choice of sticking to the main paths, or taking the beaten trail, exploring on your own the wonders this city park has to offer. The Botanical Garden’s also host Australia’s largest annual display of wildflowers every September in the Kings Park Festival.

Photo by @lnshm_

Bold Park

Distance: Ranges from 1km-5km
Recommended for: Beginners and above
Location: Floreat, 15 minutes from the CBD

With over 300 species of local native plants in this area alone, this coastal location is a must visit for all your flowery needs. It’s larger than Kings Park, so it has multiple trails you can follow at your own leisure. Each trail has its own surprises, with all of them bustling with their own rare, indigenous species. With views of the city and the Indian Ocean from the summit of Reabold Hill, the sight from the highest point on the Swan Coastal Plain will not disappoint.

Photo by @mokohdesign

Wonderlands North of Perth

Although there are a lot nice places around the metropolitan area, a road trip up north will yield fields blanketed in colour. From Cervantes to Ningaloo, the ‘Coral Coast’ is world renowned for its uncontested display of unique, native flowers. Plan your trip to hit all the hotspots, with Carnarvon displaying carpets of everlastings; Kalbarri with banksias and hakeas; and Namburg showcasing fan flowers and winterbells. A night at the Western Flora Caravan Park will put you right in the heart of wildflower country.

About the author: 
Reuben is an avid urban enthusiast and a sucker for quirky aesthetics. A well-travelled photographer, writer and self-proclaimed music connoisseur by trade, he’s always on the grind for new content. You’ll usually find him trekking around Perth’s vast bushland with his handy camera and trusty drone or in your local cafe sipping on a cappuccino! Find his photos at: instragram.com/hunkypanda

Cover photo of Park and Botanic Garden by Jason Thomas

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