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    Much like Perth Is Ok, Alby is proudly Made By WA, and we’re teaming up with them for this new series offering some serious local knowledge on what to do around the state. From 4WDing and crabbing to mountain biking and the best spots to crack an Alby by the barbie, we’ve got you covered. They’re not just helping you with this series though, they want you to get out on the water and create your own adventures with a brand new tinnie set up worth $20,000, head here for all the details.

    Nothing will fire up a hard-earned thirst (for a big, cold Alby of course) like mountain biking. It’s been gaining popularity at a rapid pace in recent years as our desire to explore the great outdoors and get away from screens continues to grow.

    Perth and its surrounds are also bountiful when it comes to options for mountain bike riding. From the steep and winding trails amidst the hills to the east, through the huge forests south and all over, there’s a trail to suit just about all levels.

    Below is a list of some of the more popular mountain biking trails close to Perth, and as always make sure you take a buddy, do some research and call ahead to the area Ranger before hitting the trails so you know what you’re getting yourself into and what preparations you’ll need to make!

    The Kalamunda Trails

    As we mentioned above, the Kalamunda hills are littered with scores of mountain biking trails, and make for epic exploring. The legends at the Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective take excellent care of maintaining the different trails, and their WEBSITE should be your first port of call. From easy (Gottysnobble) and moderate (Scorpion) right up to black diamond (difficult) faves like Luvin’ Shovels and Lancaster, you’ll be clocking days, weeks, if not months conquering them all.

    Photo by Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective

    Langford Park, Jarrahdale

    Located in the Peel region about 45km south of Perth, Langford Park in Jarrahdale is an awesome stop for mountain biking families! There’s no hectic climbs or mountains, and the trails range from easy to moderate – perfect for beginners. It’s a great spot for a picnic as well, while the town of Jarrahdale is also definitely worth stopping by for a pub lunch.

    Photo by @hjt4468

    Forsyths Mill, Sawyers Valley

    Also around 45km from Perth (to the east), is a relatively short loop (1-3 hours), but what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in action. Geared more towards intermediate riders, the end of the trail does feature black-rated sections. In general though the fast turns, log jumps and tight corners are perfect for experienced beginner looking to level up their skills.

    Photo by @fosybear

    Marrinup Trail, Dwellingup

    Another trail great for families looking to take in some awesome scenery whilst the kids adjust to life on the bike. Marrinup’s an 8km single trail that can be halved easily enough, filled with lush vegetation, huge Jarrah and Marri trees and even the remnants of an old World War 2 POW Camp. If you’re looking for a little more out that way, close by is Turner Hill loop, an 11km loop also suitable for kids with shorter sections.

    Photo by @thebriony

    Lake Leschenaultia Trail Network

    Lake Leschenaultia has a brand new 12km mountain bike network with trails ranging from 540m to 1.9km. Recently built on the weekends with loving care thanks to the Western Trails Alliance, there are nine different options ranging from beginners up to basic and intermediate. With ladders, flowy sections and some longer, technical climbs, it’s a great new addition to the Perth mountain bike scene.

    Photo by @chanchos_adventures

    Mason & Bird Trail

    For those who like a bit of history to go along with their outdoor activities, the Mason & Bird trail is just the ticket. It follows an old 1870s tramway from Mason Mill to the Swan River, crosses what is believed to be Australia’s oldest all-wooden bridge, and is also home to the original source of Perth’s water. There’s an old mill owner’s house, and even a child’s grave from 1876. It’s a fascinating trip and ripping mountain bike ride to boot.

    Photo by Follow My Ride

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    Cover photo by Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective