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Whether you’re a cleanskin or a long time collector, there’s countless tattoo artists in Perth doing amazing work in every style. Here’s just nine that have caught our eye.

Tattoos by Harry

You know you love an artist’s work when you keep picking their work out of a feed. That’s how we feel about Harry at Holdfast! Quirky line and dot work tattoos are his jam, from classical art inspired nudes and delicate, detailed portraits, to traditional panthers or dainty florals.

Follow Harry on Instagram here.

Tanya De Souza-Meally

Tanya’s dot work manages to perfectly capture the fragile delicacy of the classical artwork that so often features in her tattoos. Paired with a contrastingly contemporary outline, the pieces are bold and distinctive, balancing hyperrealism with an illustrative quality. Aside from her classical references, her other designs are unreal, with amazingly crisp animals, florals, and other illustrations.

Folly Tanya on Instagram here.

Ali Fisher

Ali proclaims herself your mum’s favourite tattooer, and to be honest, I can see why. Even your mum has to get on board with her intricate floral designs. These florals run the gamut from simple old school cherry blossoms, all the way to full colour willy wagtails and wattle, to shaded black and white gum leaves and blossoms.

Follow Ali on Instagram here.

Darcie Kapor

If you’re looking for a piece that’s pop culture inspired – whether it’s Buffy Summers, an Office reference, or Sailor Moon – Darcie Kapor is ya girl. Her styles range from full colour new school to fine linework portraits and everything in between, so you know it will always suit the subject matter, and you.

Follow Darcie on Instagram here.

Jesse Brothers

Black and grey work is Jesse Brothers’ forte, with his latest work leaning towards a surrealist, illustrative vibe. He’s also a master at portraiture, with some insane shaded portraits and animals on his feed. Whatever the subject, the work is always bold and unique.

Follow Jesse on Instagram here.

Marina K. Foley

Marina K. Foley’s unique aesthetic truly sets their work apart. You can’t miss these characterful, colourful sunny amulets and mandalas. As well as these distinctive amulet designs, Marina has been creating some amazing, quirky colour pieces that are like a ray of sunshine on your body.

Follow Marina on Instagram here.

Jarrad Serafino

Jarrad Serafino’s Japanese and American traditional designs are not for the faint of heart. These designs are bold, bright and unmistakable, with his instagram showcasing some jaw dropping large-scale pieces. Hannya, namakubi, tengu masks and peonies abound, from entire back and chest pieces, to smaller flash designs – each as striking as the one before it.

Follow Jarrad on Instagram here.

Chris Rigoni

If someone’s got over 300 000 instagram followers, you probably don’t need us to tell you about them – but what can we say, when we’re excited, we’ve gotta let you know. Chris Rigoni’s work has been replicated thousands of times over, from tattoo copies to t-shirts, but he’s the real deal. Chris’ dynamic work is recognisable from his amazingly detailed portraits and illustrations offset by vibrant, angular, geometric shapes.

Follow Chris on Instagram here.

Blair Maxine McKenna

If you’re into American traditional style tattoos, Blair Maxine McKenna is doing the goods. From classic sailor swallows, to roses, hearts, cherubs and pinups, as well as banners and other timeless designs, many with a distinctive feminine touch. Your mum can’t get too mad if your new tattoo says “Mother”, can she?

Follow Blair on Instagram here.

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