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    It’s official – adventure is all the rage in Western Australia, and lucky for us we’ve got plenty of incredible places to explore with just a backpack and some good walkin’ boots.

    Around five hours south of Perth, Albany is the perfect starting point for some of this State’s most exciting experiences, and one of the best is the Bald Head Walk Trail.

    What Is It:
    A challenging 12.5km, 4-7 hour hike, the Bald Head Walk Trail is set within the stunning Torndirrup National Park.

    The return-trail climbs over Isthmus Hill along the narrow ridge lane of the Flinders Peninsula, with breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean on one side and King George Sound on the other.

    Terminating in a round, domed granite headland called Bald Head, the views are spectacular, and it’s a must-do (as long as you’re feeling fit enough to tackle it).

    Where Is It:
    The Bald Head Walk Trail is just a quick 10-minute drive south of Albany, itself 5 hours south of Perth.

    To get there from Albany you just head east along Princess Royal Dr, before jumping on Frenchman Bay Rd, Salmon Hole Rd and finally Murray Rd, where you’ll find the well sign-posted beginning of the trail and carpark.

    What To Do:
    Come prepared for a long day’s walking – the trail is a mix of boardwalk sections, packed limestone paths and hard granite sections, with some steep and difficult sections.

    TrailsWA recommends a minimum of 2L of water per person, sturdy shoes, sun protection (hat, sunscreen, glasses), insect repellent, first aid kit, snacks and clothes suitable to the conditions (check ahead!).

    As we mentioned, it’s part of the Torndirrup National Park which almost needs a whole extra day or more to explore properly.

    There are incredible coastal rock formations like the Natural Bridge, The Gap and The Blowholes, along with some wonderfully un-touched beaches like Misery Beach and Salmon Pools.

    For a look at some other great options around Albany, head here.

    What Not To Do:
    Tackle the trail unfit – At almost 13km and with so many steep and difficult sections, this truly is a trail for competent – and confident – walkers.

    Take a shortcut – You might find yourself tempted to take a shortcut along the southern beaches but it’s really unsafe and filled with hazards you may not be able to see from the trail proper.

    Start the walk too late – Night can creep up on you down south, and gets rather cold, so make sure you begin with plenty of time before sunset.

    Anything else?
    The Bald Head Walk Trail offers some incredible vistas, so if you’re a photography buff make sure you pack your camera.

    If you hit the trail early watch out for spiders, as our pal Life Of Py points out there are some spots of thicker shrubbery that our 8-legged friends don’t mind throwing a web or two across overnight.


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    Cover photo by the talented Salty Wings!