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Remnant bushland in Perth is an important part of the landscape for so many of our native animals so it’s fantastic to have a relatively large patch located in the Western Suburbs.

Along with being a place for wildlife to call home, it is a great natural recreation space for plenty of Perth locals. A spot to escape to with friends, enjoy a walk or a run while feeling well away from the urban environment is what you’ll find at Bold Park.

What is it?

Bold Park is a 437 hectare A-Class Reserve in City Beach and is managed by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (the same group that manages Kings Park). Recent work has been done to try and restore the park to a more natural bush setting after years of limestone quarrying and neglect had taken its toll.

A series of trails around the park provides a multitude of options for those looking to explore and this is one of the best spots to get views of both the Indian Ocean and the Perth CBD.

Where is it?

A 15 minute drive west of the Perth CBD in City Beach, there are a few options for parking when you arrive. During the quiet times there should be parking available on Scenic Drive (off Oceanic Drive) but at peak times (around sunset and weekends) you might need to use alternative parking. There is a car park near the amphitheatre on Waldron Drive (again off Oceanic Drive) or you can park at the Western Australian Ecology Centre just off Perry Lakes Drive.

There is a series of information boards near the Reabold Hill Lookout with maps showing the trail network and most of them start and finish here.

What to do:

Known as a place for runners to swap the pavement for dirt tracks, you don’t need to be a super fit athlete to enjoy what Bold Park has to offer. The trails are wide enough for everyone and best of all, it is dog friendly (provided your four legged friend is on a lead).

The choose your own adventure nature of the network means you can pick and mix where you want to go, making up different combinations to keep you interested on multiple visits.

The redevelopment of Reabold Hill and the new lookout has provided a great place to watch the sunset. Pack a picnic and enjoy the views from here or one of the other park benches setup along the limestone hills overlooking the ocean.

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What not to do:

With Bold Park attracting a lot of people, especially on the weekends, it’s important to remain mindful of others and display good trail etiquette. Don’t walk three wide on the trail and make sure your dog isn’t wandering off all over the place on an extra long lead.

As always be respectful of the environment and don’t pick the wildflowers or destroy any of the bushland.

Anything else?

If you’re looking for a bit of culture to go with your fitness then the nearby Quarry Amphitheatre might be right up your alley. Built in the remains of the old limestone quarry, it offers unique outdoor entertainment from November through to March.

The Botanic Gardens and Park Authority also run guided walks through the park if you’re interested in knowing more about the different flora and fauna that call this place home. If you want to go one step further and get involved then they have a volunteer program where you can help maintain the bush or assist at open days.

About the author:
Mark (The Life of Py) is a Perth based outdoor enthusiast that loves exploring the trails of Western Australia in his free time. When he isn’t out taking photos he is busy planning the next adventure. See more of his content HERE.