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Black Diamond Lake, Collie
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Located 5km west of Collie, Black Diamond Lake has become a day trip destination for families and ‘grammers alike in recent years.

Its brilliant blue water proving an irresistible lure for the snap-happy among us. and as with a lot of the new hotspots around Perth, you’re encouraged to go forth and explore.

Make sure to do so with minimal impact, and mindful of the area and its surrounds – here’s a few pointers to get you started:

What is it?

Black Diamond Lake is an abandoned mine site that filled with water after being de-commissioned in the ’50s, and maintains an incredibly bright azure blue colour when the sun is out.

Where is it?

It’s 5km west of Collie, which is around 2 hours south east of Perth. To get there head about half a kilometre south of the Coalfields Highway on Ferguson Road, at a location called Allanson.

What To Do:

Black Diamond Lake is an awesome location for a day-trip, spent on and by the lake with picnic baskets and pals. If you’ve got some floaty toys, stand up paddleboards, kayaks or canoes – bring ‘em down!

While you’re there, make sure to stop in at Collie and do a little exploring, there’s plenty of nice cafés and pubs for an afternoon feed.

What Not To Do:

Camping is a big no-no, and campers are encouraged to use Stockton Lake, 8km east of Collie where camping is permitted and toilet, picnic and barbeque facilities are provided.

Amenities so far haven’t caught up with the lake’s popularity, so be mindful there’s no toilet or rubbish facilities (leave no trace).

To be safe, keep your head above water – at certain times of the year and in certain conditions there is a risk of contaminates and harmful organisms. If you want to be on the safe side get in touch with the Collie Shire to find out any information on most recent water tests.

Anything else?

Be wary of bull ants if you’re setting up lunch for the day, and make sure you bring some shade or get down early to find a spot amongst the trees.

Be mindful of vegetation rehabilitation efforts around the lake, and take care to avoid cliff areas.

Header Image: Shutterstock / Eden Nguyen

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