Injidup Natural Spa: Everything you need to know

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A popular little swimming (more like sitting) hole in our state’s South West, Injidup’s natural spa has become an irresistible stop amongst a plethora of beautiful beaches down south.

A natural rock formation protected from the wilds of the Indian Ocean, it can be a relaxing – if not a little crowded – spot to chill on a warm summer’s day.

What Is It:
Injidup Natural Spa is a hidden rock pool right on the edge of the often-turbulent Indian Ocean. Waves crash over the rocks to form a mini natural waterfall and “spa”, with some other tidal pools close by.

Where Is It:
Just a short drive south of Yallingup or north of Margaret River and Cowaramup, the natural spa is located to the north of the expansive Injidup Beach.

Turn onto Wyadup Road off Caves Road towards the ocean, and instead of turning left on Cape Clairault Road veer right and stay on Wyadup Road. It ends in a small carpark, and from there it’s a short walk down some rocky outcrops towards a series of larger boulders.

Injidup Natural Spa
Image Credit: Alexandra Casey

What To Do:
Depending on the time of day, tide levels and swell size, Injidip Natural Spa can be a quaint little natural pool to sit in, or a more turbulent “spa” complete with waterfalls tumbling over the rocks right onto your head.

We recommend trying to head down as early as possible and outside of holiday periods, as you can expect decent sized crowds enjoying the serenity on most days.

A little further north there’s some larger swimming holes, but they are less sheltered and can be dangerous if the swell is up.

Bring a towel, some water and some sunscreen, and take up a spot on the rocks for some sunbaking and lounging by the icy cool, crystal clear waters.

What Not To Do:
Be impatient – as we said it’s become a pretty popular spot and can get busy especially during summer. Take your time and let others enjoy the natural wonders on offer.

Resist the urge to swim outside out of the pools into the ocean – currents and swells are a lot strong down south, and you could get swept away very easily.

Anything else?
Injidup Beach to the south is an epic surf spot, and you can head even further south into the bay for some sheltered swimming and beach times.

Don’t be afraid to do a little exploring, just make sure you do so smartly – who knows you might even find your own little secret rock pool.

And of course, there are so many fantastic beaches up and down this section of coast, you’ll want to jump in the car and find them all.