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The Gwelup “Secret” Garden kind of exploded thanks to Instagram (and us, woops) a couple of years ago. Images of a hidden urban jungle right in the midst of our northern suburbs had people far and wide searching for a little sneak peek at this mysterious little green wonderland.

As things tend to go with the help of the internet, it’s actual location was made public fairly quickly, so here’s a little primer on how to get there, and how to be when you are there:

What Is It:
Gwelup Secret Garden, part of the Careniup Swamp Reserve in Gwelup, north of Perth.

Where Is It:
Back in the day you actually had to find longitude and latitude coordinates to get there, but nowadays all you need to look for on Google Maps is “Secret Garden”, and it’ll get you on your way. Go to the Reid Highway west bound exit of the Mitchell Freeway and head south.

There’s a small car park in the area, along with plenty of street parking, just do so respectfully and mindful of the residents in the area. Do not park on the grassed area at the entrance to the garden.

What To Do:
On face value it’s a pretty standard green space area, but with plenty of options to do some serious exploring if you’re more adventurous.

The vegetation is fairly normal for wetland areas around Perth (lots of Paperbark trees), but it’s the excessive Morning Glory vines that give it those magical, Alice In Wonderland vibes.

It’s home to a lot of native flora and fauna, and is a great place for birdspotting.

What Not To Do:
As we mentioned above, as with most wetland spaces around Perth it’s a delicate area. Tread carefully and stick to the paths where you can. Don’t litter (duh) and don’t bring dogs – they can be very disruptive for the native flora/fauna.

Essentially, and this will be constant throughout our explorations of Perth – LEAVE NO TRACE. That is, take home or bin anything you brought with you that doesn’t belong there.


Anything else?
Make sure you pack gumboots!

The City Of Stirling is currently developing a management plan to maintain the Careniup Wetlands for years to come, check it out HERE.

The Gwelup Secret Garden is one of Perth’s most ‘Grammed spots, so as you can imagine there’s plenty of gold to be had:

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