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If you’re having a rough or hectic week and the thought of opening another email is just about enough to make you want to scream, perhaps it’s time to take yourself off for a solo self care day. Self care can mean a whole heap of different things for everyone (pls don’t @ me), but when I can’t stomach the thought of anyone! else! talking! to! me! these are a few things I like to do to solo to relax and refresh my headspace.

Get outside

Some days you need to let off some steam and get the heart rate going, some days you want more of a meditative stroll. Either way, some sunshine and fresh air is perfect for a mental reset. My favourite place to get outdoors without having to travel too far is Bold Park – you can feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, when actually the park is sandwiched by two major roads, and is a stone’s throw from City Beach. If a stroll with a coffee and a pastry is more your speed, stop by Chu Bakery before heading across the road to Hyde Park for a walk under the plane trees.

Photo of Bold Park by @trish__k

Yoga class/meditation

If you need something a bit more structured than a stroll, maybe drop into a yoga class at one of Perth’s prettiest studios? Newbies Cntre Space opened last year and run a variety of yoga and meditation sessions from their stylish North Perth studio. Claremont’s Tamara Yoga have been around for ages and are Vinyasa pros, while if you’re a bit further south, YOGALAB Fremantle have a truly beautiful mezzanine space above the Raw Kitchen. Yoga Sita in Bibra Lake is run by a Tamara Yoga alum, and the studio has an holistic approach to physical and mental wellness.

Photo of YOGALAB in Fremantle

Have a float

If you need the ultimate in relaxation, consider visiting one of the float tanks that have popped up all over Perth. Float Lab have locations in North Beach, Wembley and Currambine, while Beyond Rest can be found in Wembley, Perth and Joondalup. Wherever you are, you won’t be too far from a float.

Photo of Beyond Rest

Have a pamper

I know, I know. Beauty comes from within and all that. But sometimes when you’re feeling frazzled, all you want is for someone to rub your face a bit and make look better than when you arrived. Pop in for a Relax and Restore facial at Barbara Cavalli’s Northbridge studio, or head to Manusa Day Spa in East Freo for an all-organic treatment if that’s your vibe. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly pamper in the comfort of your own home, head to KOYO Cosmetics – an absolute treasure trove for K-beauty (and J-beauty!) nerds.

Photo of Manusa Day Spa in East Freo

Creative workshop

If you’re feeling lacklustre during the work week, perhaps learning a new skill, finding a new passion or just meeting some new mates will spark a bit of inspiration? Stackwood are always adding new classes to their workshop roster, from weaving or ceramics to plant know-how. Super cool West Perth event space The Sapling also host an impressive array of workshops, including those by luxury florist Fox and Rabbit.

Photo of Stackwood

Get some greens in you

If I’ve had a particularly busy week, I always make sure to block out at least one night where I can take the time to make myself a nutritious, wholesome, tasty meal. Gotta keep the scurvy at bay, y’know? All the better if I can treat myself to some local produce from a farmer’s market or independent grocer (like Galati and Sons, The Floreat Market, or Golden Choice). Look at me, with my reusable shopping bags, and my kale and radishes! I definitely have my life together!
While you’re at it, why not stop in at an independent bookseller and pick up a cook book? Diabolik is my go-to, but Crow Books, Rabble Books and Games, and New Edition are also must-visits. (Incidentally, you should definitely get Where Cooking Begins by Carla Lalli Music). When people come to your house and see all your cookbooks, they’ll definitely think you’re a real grown up.

Photo of Galati and Sons

But if the thought of washing up is too much to bear…

Cosy date night dinner with yourself

Who’s better company than you? Nobody! Take yourself out for a cosy date night, enjoy the people watching or maybe take a novel you got at one of those independent booksellers. Watch the world go by in the window at Bivouac while devouring some goat and halloumi, or bask in Bread In Common’s golden light while enjoying their signature lamb ribs. You’ve been trying to get a crew together to try out Le Rebelle since it opened earlier in the year – tonight is the night, and the only schedule you have to fit into is yours, baby!

Photo of Le Rebelle in Mount Lawley

Catch a movie

Sitting in a dark, air-conditioned room in a comfy chair, with no-one to steal your M&Ms: what a dream. Solo movie-going is one of the most underrated activities – and Luna always have special screenings that are worth going out of your way for: international film festivals, NT Live performances, Trash Classics or immersive cinema experiences.

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