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Kicking off around mid-October and running through until mid-November, jacaranda season is a popular time for in the ‘grammers of Perth.

And while these purple people pleasers pop up all over the city, but there are a few little hotspots where you can rub elbows with influencers and wannabe photographers to add a few splashes of purple to your feed.

Oh and a polite reminder there are usually people living near these trees and just trying to live their normal life, so be respectful!


Perth’s mecca when it comes to Jacaranda spotting, the streets of Applecross are lined with almost as many of the purple flowery boys as they are very big and expensive houses. They’ve become so synonymous with the area they have a festival to celebrate – the Rotary Jacaranda Festival – taking over Ardross Street on Sunday 19 November this year.

Jacarands Applecross
Photo via Shutterstock / David Steele.

Hyde Park & Leake Street

Perth’s favourite inner city park is filled with lush vegetation year-round, but it does really flare up with jacarandas at this time of year. The real treat is heading west along Vincent St and taking a left turn up Leake St, where you’ll be bathed in a sea of purple. Throw in the glorious old school architecture that only North Perth knows how to do, and you’ve got yourself one seriously pleasant afternoon walk.


Likewise if you’re feeling a lovely neighbourhood afternoon walk you could do a lot worse than The Avenues of Inglewood. Wind your way along Sixth to Tenth and be treated to a sea of purple that’d even make the Fremantle Dockers jealous.

East Perth

What Marlborough Street lacks in size it more than makes up for in big, beautiful jacaranda trees. This can be a fun little area to explore too, with the impressive East Perth Power Station and fantastic long walks along the Swan River’s East Perth banks.

Perth Hills

The hills come alive this time of year with some of Perth’s best wildflower spotting, and there’s no shortage of jacarandas to spot along the journey. There’s no particular hotspots, but a leisurely Sunday drive up to Kalamunda or walk along one of their extensive hiking trails will reveal some purple diamonds amongst the rough.


The Jacarandas are so bountiful in Subi they’ve even got streets named after them. Set your compass due Old Jacaranda Way and marvel as the boring old colours of blue and red combine to make the spectacular colour purple. Don’t stop there though, the rest of Subi has plenty of jacarandas to go around.

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Perth Jacaranda Subiaco
Photo via Shutterstock / David Steele.


Around the corner from Subi’s vibrant streets, Wembley still has plenty of the purple goodness on display. Your best bet is to head to Simper Street and Ruislip Street to enjoy some pockets of purple amongst the leafy suburb.


You needn’t venture far from the CBD to get your jacaranda fix – with Mount Street home to one of the Perth’s most spectacular displays. The purple flowers make a striking contrast to the city backdrop, plus you can follow up your photo session with a visit to Mount Street Breakfast Bar. Wins all round!


We’re clip-clopping our way to Como’s Clydesdale Street – only a short trot across the river from its more well-known Applecross counterpart. The south end of the street is probably going to be your money shot, but the rest of the street has its fair share of the purple wonders.


So this little spot we just found walking into walk on the morning of publishing this article, but there’s a cute little cluster of jacarandas along Francis St in Northbridge! May we suggest arriving to your Holey Moley game a little earlier next time to check ’em out, or even better pull up to Frisk Bar for a few sundowners and catch ’em in the afternoon glow.

Header image: Shutterstock / Tony TSL