Kwillena Gabi Pool: What You Need To Know

Kwillena Gabi estuary pool is now open in Mandurah
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Opening just in time for Christmas 2021, unique circular estuary pool Kwillena Gabi is Mandurah’s newest attraction. Named by Bindjareb Boodja Traditional Owners, Kwillena Gabi aptly translates to “Dolphin Waters” – because you’re quite likely to encounter some of the local wildlife while you’re there!

Kwillena Gabi estuary pool is now open in Mandurah

Photo by @stach_rogalski_photography

What is it?

The pool is enclosed by a series of floating pontoons arranged in a circular formation, as well as a paved area with shade structures and a small jetty. With a maximum depth of almost 4.5m, the pool is suitable for just about every age – with little ones able to enjoy the gentle shallows and big kids able to jump in at the deep end. The pool also features ramp access to the water, with the ramp also connecting to the pontoons for access around the entire pool. The floating pontoons don’t have a net attached, allowing local wildlife to move through the pool – so if you’re lucky, you might get to swim with a pod of dolphins!

The site has historically been used for swimming, with generations of locals learning to swim at the the Mandurah bathing sheds that were demolished in 1965, and later the Robert Day Memorial Pool, which was in use from the 1960s until its demolition in the ’80s. Mandurah’s population is set to grow by over 140 000 over the next 20 years, so this development will establish the foreshore’s facilities for generations to come.

Kwillena Gabi estuary pool is now open in Mandurah

Photo via City of Mandurah

The entire area is in the midst of a $22 million revamp, with the Waterfront Project funded by a combination of state, federal and local government. The Western Foreshore’s skate park opened in late 2020, with a play space due to be completed later this year. The Eastern Foreshore will also feature a new boardwalk to the north, enhanced alfresco areas and additional shade trees, plus new a new toilet block adjacent to the new pool.

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Where is it?

Kwillena Gabi is located on Mandurah’s Eastern Foreshore South Precinct, near the intersection of Mandurah Terrace and Tuckey Street. The pool has been opened to the public, but some of the surrounding areas are still under construction. You can still make use of the surrounding park area though, with plenty of shady trees to keep out of the heat.

When is it opening?

The pool opened on Christmas Eve, 2021 – so you can take the family for a dip right now! The rest of the foreshore’s development is scheduled to be completed later in 2022.

What can you do there?

Have plenty of fun! Pack a picnic and enjoy a day splashing in the water – noodles and floaties are welcome, so you can float and play to your heart’s content. While there are lifeguards on duty during peak times during its opening phase, they won’t be there forever. In spite of being called a pool, it’s also a natural waterway: so be mindful of wildlife and tides, particularly if you’ve got little ones with you.

Header image: City of Mandurah