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Everyone bangs on about Western Australia’s beaches, and for good reason – they’re some of the best in the world!

But in recent years we’ve begun to start looking east for our bodies of water, and turns out WA is filled with some lovely lakes, hidden pools and stunning waterfalls to be discovered.

Lake Magic, just near Wave Rock, is another little gem with a few special quirks making it a must-visit.

What is it?

Lake Magic is a strange little water body – a naturally occurring salt lake with gypsum minerals at its base and a sandy, circular beach surrounding it. It gets its name thanks to the high salt density of the water making it impossible for you to sink!

And while that’s pretty cool on its own, it’s the changing colours of the lake over the course of the day that make it really special. From sunrise to sunset you’ll be privy to some incredible views, so make sure you pack the camera along with the togs.

Where is it?

Heading there straight from Perth it’s just under four hours east along the Brookton Hwy before diverting onto Brookton-Corrigin, Corrigin-Kondinin and Kondinin-Hyden Roads. The small wheatbelt town of Hyden is your gateway to the area, with Lake Magic located just a kilometre north of Wave Rock and right next door to Wave Rock Resort.

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What to do:

Pack your bathers, some deck chairs, sunscreen and an umbrella and get ready for a very unique day on the beach! To really experience the brilliant colours of the lake make sure you stop by at sunrise or sunset when the wind dies down and the silky smooth waters reflect some incredible vistas.

Of course you need to check out Wave Rock and the surrounding areas, which are filled with wildlife to spot, trails to walk and caves to climb.

What not to do:

Drive reckless – it might be temping to pull the car up on the seemingly safe sandy shores of Lake Magic, but you’ll get bogged real easy and it’ll set you back $500 to be saved.

Be surprised if you turn up during the middle of January and find a dry lake – it tends to get like that over the course of a hot summer!

Anything else?

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, there are some great camping options in the area, and Wave Rock Resort has some excellent cabins to call home for a day or two.