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The waxheads over at Surfing WA (follow ’em on Instagram) should know a thing or two about the pick of the spots along our coastline if you’re thinking of chasing some tubes this summer. And to get you warmed up ahead of summer they’ve given us a few tips for those thinking about getting their toes wet, along with some of the best surf spots up and down our world-renowned coastline to learn to surf:




20 minutes north of Perth CBD is the metro areas most consistent surf break, Trigg Beach. A fun beach break with multiple peaks, this is a busy metro break and needs a swell with a bit of grunt to it to get going. Pick yourself the quietest peak you can find and go for it! Trigg works in all tides with east winds with decent sized right handers. Trigg is patrolled in summer.

Trigg Beach by Surfing WA


20 minutes north of Perth CBD is the beautiful and iconic Scarborough beach or ‘Scarbs’. Waves generally break fairly close to shore on the shifting sandbars offering short and fast rights and lefts which is ideal for beginners. A generally busy break, the best times to go are early morning or late afternoon when tides are more forgiving. Otherwise be prepared to get up quickly for a speedy close out ride. Scarbs is patrolled in summer.


25 minutes South of Perth CBD, Leighton Beach is the quieter version of Cottesloe Beach and one of Perth’s gems. Waves average about 1m and breakwalls offer some protection from the south west wind. During the winter months Leighton and the surrounding area is popular among kite surfers. The northern section of Leighton is popular for catching white wash and snorkelling, plus it’s a dog beach – the full package! Leighton is patrolled in summer.


25 Minutes north of Perth CBD, Mullaloo Beach offers up some punchy, dumping waves over shallow sandbars, making it easy to walk out at waist height and catch waves. When the swell is big during Autumn and Spring beginners can still enjoy the break by easily catch the white water. Mullaloo is patrolled in summer.



4.5 hours north of Perth CBD, in Geraldton Mahomet’s or ‘Back Beach’ is an ideal spot for learning with gentle rolling clean waves in pretty well all conditions. Long stretches of sandy coast mean you can learn in peace! Located in the heart of Geraldton and close to everything. Mahomet’s is patrolled in Summer.

Trigg Beach by Surfing WA

Back Beach (Lancelin)

1.5 hours north of Perth CBD, ​this break will handle all but the biggest swells! Beginner surfers will find fun long white water rides on the shifting sandbars that form along the beach. If you have a 4WD you can drive right to the water’s edge, hop out and enjoy! Best waves can be found just out front of the main car park. Backie’s is patrolled in Summer.


Smith’s Beach

3 hours south of Perth CBD awaits a beautiful sand bottom beach that provides safe and protected surfing conditions. Smiths can be a very popular spot in the warmer months but if you can find a quiet corner – there is nothing better! Smith’s is patrolled in summer.

Trigg Beach by Surfing WA

Redgate Beach

3 hours south of Perth CBD, Redgate Beach is an amazing location with beautiful white sand, shallow banks to wade out with your board and user friendly, clean roll-ins. A safe beach break to try out in all but the biggest swells. Redgate is an unpatrolled beach.


Ocean Beach

​4.45 hours south of Perth CBD, ​Ocean Beach in Denmark is a popular surfing spot with beach breaks right along the stretch and east past the inlet, making finding your own section of wave easy. Stunning crystal clear water provide safe, sandy conditions in most sized swells. Ocean Beach is patrolled throughout Summer.

Trigg Beach by Surfing WA

Middleton Beach

​5 hours south of Perth lies a protected beach break in an incredibly beautiful setting. The closest beach to Albany City centre, Middleton’s is a safe beginner wave in pretty much all swells. Sheltered from the largest waves by the islands and headlands of King George Sound it is also ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Middleton’s is patrolled in summer.


1. Look for a wide-open beach break and pick a quiet spot.

2. Avoid reef and groins/rocky breaks that are difficult to access.

3. Remember everyone is there to enjoy themselves, give way to surfers already up and riding.

4. Seek expert tuition, this will highly increase your enjoyment (our Website is a good start).

5. Know your limits, start inside and work your way out the back.

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