Lesmurdie Falls: Everything you need to know

Lesmurdie Falls
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On the edge of the Darling Scarp is the biggest waterfall in the Perth Hills and home to some spectacular views and cool walk trails.

With plenty to explore both at the top of the falls and down at the base, there is something for everyone to enjoy, including the spectacular Lesmurdie Falls:

What is it?

Cascading over the granite edge of the Darling Scarp, Lesmurdie Falls is the spectacular point where Lesmurdie Brook plummets 40m down into the lush valley. A series of metal platforms near the falls allows you to get close to the action and provide some amazing views over the Swan Coastal Plain towards the skyscrapers of the Perth CBD.

Where is it?

There are two access points to Lesmurdie Falls, depending on what you want to experience. To get the stunning views and to see the falls plunging down into the valley then the upper car park is located on Falls Road in Lesmurdie. There is plenty of parking and it’s well signed.

If you want to check out the base of the falls and don’t want to climb up and down the steep path then you can park at the gravel car park located on Palm Terrace. From there follow the path all the way up the brook to the base where you can admire the rushing water from up close.

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Lesmurdie Falls Nature Tile Map

What to do:

Lesmurdie Falls is one of the best places to catch the sunset in the Perth Hills with a number of great vantage points to take it all in. Watching the skies put on an epic light show from the elevated position is a pretty amazing experience, especially when you get the “god rays” illuminating the CBD.

If you’re keen to do a bit more exploring then there are a range of walking options from small 600m return walk to the full 2.5km loop trail that takes you from the top of the falls to the base and back. Steep in sections, you are rewarded by getting some different views of the area and it means you can get away from the crowds. In spring be sure to look out for the abundance of wildflowers and orchids that call this area home.

What not to do:

This is a high risk area if you venture off the main paths with big drops and unstable cliffs all around. Don’t be that person on the news being helicoptered out because you thought you’d get that cool Instagram shot, it’s not worth it and it wastes the resources of our emergency services.

Anything else?

If you’re a keen photographer then this is one of the best spots in Perth to practice your long exposure photography. With ample amounts of flowing water and lots of little rapids running from the main falls down Lesmurdie Brook, be sure to bring your tripod and ND filters to get those smooth looking shots.

About the author:
Mark (The Life of Py) is a Perth based outdoor enthusiast that loves exploring the trails of Western Australia in his free time. When he isn’t out taking photos he is busy planning the next adventure. See more of his content HERE.