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Moore River Guilderton
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What if we told you there was an unspoilt coastal paradise barely an hour north of Perth, a place you can equally relax and unwind, or go adventuring and explore?

We imagine you’d say, ‘Go on…’ So we will, and let you know about a little place called Guilderton AKA Moore River, less than 100km from Perth and the perfect spot for a getaway still close to home.

What Is It:
Though relatively close to Perth, the community of Moore River remains wonderfully unspoilt by big city life, remaining instead a perfect coastal location to sit back, relax and enjoy nature. It also doubles as a ripper spot aquatic activities, things like swimming, fishing and canoeing are all encouraged either off the beach, or within the waters of beautiful Moore River and estuary.

Moore River Guilderton

Where Is It:
Just over an hour north out of the city, it’s a straight forward drive up the Mitchell Fwy before jumping onto Indian Ocean Dr and then swinging left onto Guilderton Rd. The drive up has a couple of nice coastal stop offs like Two Rocks and Yanchep, and the township itself exists right along where the Moore River Estuary meets the Indian Ocean.

What To Do:
We love a good water body here at Perth Is OK, and Moore River is blessed with two – the estuary and the ocean. This means mo(o)re room for activities! There are plenty of places to hire canoes and paddle boats to explore the Moore River Estuary, while swimming and fishing are great on both sides. There are also plenty of spaces for you to set up a picnic or barbecue for the day, or if you’d like to stay a little longer there’s a few different camping options in the area as well (Guilderton Caravan Park is the go-to, but gets very popular on the weekends).

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On land there’s plenty of pristine bushland to explore around the estuary, epic sandboarding at “The Desert” (on the southern side of the river mouth), and fun stretches of sand for experienced 4WD enthusiasts.

Moore River Guilderton

What Not To Do:
Go swimming before checking the signs or touching base with the Shire Of Gingin with regards to dangerous organisms that can sometimes occur in Moore River’s warm waters. While the alert is in place avoiding water up your nasal passage is the safest way to avoid any potential infections, but if you are really worried we suggest sticking to the beach.

As with any water-based activities, please be aware of your own capabilities, and keep an eye on kids.

Anything else?
If you get to where the river meets the sea at low tide, the two actually separate and a sandbar forms that you’re able to walk across, which if nothing else is just bloody cool. Moore River serves as a great entry point to the rest of the north coast that’s still relatively close to Perth, and is a short distance from places like Jurien Bay, Lancelin and The Pinnacles.

Image Credit: Perth is OK!