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While we’re all doing the right thing (I hope!) and trying to socially distance as much as possible, you’ve gotta feel for anyone with a birthday coming up. Don’t stress if it’s your best bud’s birthday while you’re in isolation – even in a pandemic, we’ve got you covered for gifts that say “I love you, but let’s not touch”.

Green Assembly

Is there anything more popular than plants right now? Besides toilet paper and hand sanitiser, that is. Green Assembly deliver super popular indoor plant varieties – sorted by size, suitability or rarity – straight to your doorstep. Choose from the lushest fiddle leaf figs, monsteras, umbrella trees and new to the Perth plant scene ficus Audrey, to devil’s ivy, heart-leaf philodendrons or swiss-cheese plants, all the way down to the daintiest string of pearls, chain of hearts or itty-bitty, perfect for-a-desk succulents. To make things even easier for you, you can pair the plant with a perfectly sized, perfectly stylish pot to complete the set. You can even add on a soil moisture metre or fertiliser pack if your friend isn’t such a green thumb.

Small Batch Gift Co.

The Small Batch Gift Co. really know how to curate a gift box. These ultra-cool gift boxes pack a punch, with a focus on quality over quantity. Each of their selections are from top quality artisanal makers, whether it’s bottled cocktails by Everleigh Bottling Co., cocktail mixers by Strange Love, Hey Tiger chocolates, Kester Black nail polish, beers by Otherside Brewing, granola by Geraldton-based Red Lime Jones, Pound coffee beans, Ruby Lights candles handmade in Perth… I mean, we could go on. While you know they’re all top quality products, the more aesthetically-minded gift-giver can rest assured they’re all reeeal noice on the packaging front, too.

With Love and Co.

With Love and Co. are the answer to when you want to send flowers, but also a little something extra. Daily arrangements are posted on their instagram, and they’ve got add-ons you can customise to make a gift box to perfectly match your recipient: Bahen & Co. chocolate, Boston Brewery ginger beer, dessert boxes, botanical bath soaks, or even super adorable bibs for new parents. An extra special touch are the everlasting bouquets – particularly perfect for stress heads or new parents for whom changing water in a vase might be one step too many.

Little Shop of Happiness

Even for cynics like us, it’s hard not to feel a bit of joy in our hearts when we see a Little Box of Happiness. Full of positive vibes, the colourful boxes are designed to brighten someone’s day – whether it’s for a birthday, housewarming, to say thanks or to help lift someone’s spirits. Each one is designed for the occasion and season, and contains a selection of goods made by either the team at their Perth HQ or by other Australian small businesses – think luxury scented candles, hand wash, body scrub, Turkish towels and a few tasty snacks.

Ginger B

Lovingly curated, luxurious and eco-conscious, Ginger B has the hamper for everyone. Gourmet delights for you foodie friends – from the Deluxe Single Malt whisky box, Say Cheese for the fromage lover in your life, or Champagne and Roses for a bit of romance. Setting them apart, they’ve got a huge range of other gift packs. Giftees will be feeling pampered with lotions and potions from Hunter Lab, Leif and Salus, and there’s heaps of options for new parents, too.

Nosh Gourmet Gifts

Nosh’s East Vic Park store is a tasty treasure trove, and thankfully they’ve got the goods online, too. Their hampers are chocka-block with artisanal products, like their Picnic Essentials hamper – perfect for living room quarantine picnics – or their Sparkling Plus, with a bottle of Chandon and locally made relish, crackers, nougat, biscuits and more.

Avenue Hampers

Thoughtfully considered and totally special, Avenue Hampers have something to offer no matter the occasion, with curated hamper collections for birthdays, to say thanks or congratulations, for new baby arrivals or seasonal hampers for Christmas or Mother’s Day (which will sneak up in no time!). Had to cancel bestie’s birthday drinks? Share a Spritz from afar with their Bubbly and Bright hamper, or a gin and tonic with their Gin O’Clock box – filled with Perth-distilled Sin Gin, Knutsford Gourmet crackers made in North Perth and Kalamunda favourites Golden Whisk’s plum paste.

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Cover photo submitted by Green Assembly

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