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Being asked to choose your favourite mural is like being asked to choose your favourite child! We’ve featured thousands over the years and there’s so many that we adore…

But if we had to choose a select few for you to visit right now, here’s a cross-section of some of the amazing artworks gracing the streets of Perth and beyond, courtesy of the team at Streets of Perth.

MURAL BY: OKUDART (2018) LOCATION: Forest Square, Subiaco.

Located on the side of a Subiaco apartment block, this stunning mural was created over three days by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel AKA OKUDART. It’s split into two works entitled ‘Kid Koala Playing God’ and ‘Kingaroo’, and reflects the artist’s trademark style of using pop surrealism (and in this case, some Australiana) to raise contradictions about existentialism, the universe, the meaning of life and the false freedom of capitalism. On a simpler level, we just loved the splash of colour that this art brings to the area and we could’ve stood and stared at it all day.

MURAL BY: Sarsar (2015) LOCATION: 112 Oxford St, Leederville.

This beautiful artwork by local artist Sarah McCloskey AKA Sarsar is one of our all-time favourite pieces. To check it out in person, head to Oxford St and you’ll find it next to Ria Malay Kitchen.

MURAL BY: Daek William (2016). LOCATION: 1 Raglan Road, Mount Lawley.

We love this colourful mural by local artist Daek William (complete with bonus firemen on this occasion). To see it up close, visit Standby Espresso and grab a coffee while you’re there.

MURAL BY: Anya Brock (2015) LOCATION: 1 James St, Bassendean.

Love dogs, coffee and urban art? Then you’ll love Holly Raye’s Café. Tucked away in Bassendean, the exterior boasts a stunning Anya Brock artwork that features the owner’s dog, Angus. The café itself is dog-friendly, and we love that they openly encourage patrons to bring their fur-kids with them when they visit.

MURAL BY: Nils Westergard (2014) LOCATION: 16 Preston St, Como.

How’s this for a sensational portrait of Alfred Hitchcock? Painted by American street artist Nils Westergard, it was commissioned by the Cygnet Cinema and you’ll find it on the side exterior.

MURAL BY: Wellshaken (2016) LOCATION: 361 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.

If you’ve been seeking a striking, Insta-worthy backdrop, look no further! This Moroccan-inspired mural was painted by local artist Wellshaken and you’ll find it on the rear wall of Meeka Restaurant.

MURAL BY: Guido van Helten (2015) LOCATION: 282 Fitzgerald St, West Perth.

We’re awestruck by this mural by Brisbane artist Guido van Helten, which recreates imagery from the 1916 ‘Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test’ immigration document of Afghan Cameleer, Said Kabool. According to the City of Vincent, “The image was selected in reference to early Muslim immigration to WA dating back to 1850s, and is symbolic of an early establishment of Islam in Australia. Afghan Cameleers contributed to early Australian development and economy, linking east and west including the establishment of the Perth Mosque in Northbridge built in 1905. The mural acts as a counterbalance contrary to mainstream media hype towards a negative portrayal of Islam, which resulted in the recent vandalism of Perth mosque. The Cameleer represents an early and diverse portrayal of multicultural diversity and Islam co-existing in Western Australia preceding federation of Australia.”

MURAL BY: Paul Deej (2014) LOCATION: Laneway opposite IGA, Mt Lawley.

This amazing mural in Mt. Lawley was painted by local artist Paul Deej and we just love how it integrates with its surroundings! Sensational stuff.

MURAL BY: Vincent Fantauzzo (2014) LOCATION: The Backlot Cinema, West Perth.

If you haven’t visited The Backlot yet, we strongly recommend you drop by one day soon – and while you’re at it, make sure you check out this incredible Heath Ledger mural in the main foyer. The oil- and acrylic-based artwork was created by Australian artist and four-time Archibald Prize People’s Choice winner, Vincent Fantauzzo, who was a close personal friend of the late WA-born, Oscar-winning actor, and remains close to the family. Fantauzzo explains the background to the mural on his website: “I hoped the wall painting of Ledger in his defining role as The Joker would inspire local emerging film makers to reach for the heights. I’d been blown away by the vast number of paintings, drawings and other artworks posted online of Ledger as The Joker. That added a little bit of pressure but it made me feel that I was contributing to that community of people being inspired by Heath.”

MURALS BY: Beastman x Phibs / Fintan Magee (2014/2015) Location: Grand Cinemas, Bunbury.

Here’s two stunning murals in one! On the left is a collaboration between two of our favourite street artists, Beastman & Phibs – such amazing colours and design! And on the right is “The Storm” by the sensational Fintan Magee.

MURAL BY: Alexis Diaz (2014) LOCATION: Wolf Lane, Perth.

This enormous, incredibly detailed seahorse hybrid was created by Puerto Rican artist, Alexis Diaz. Located in the Wolf Lane laneway, Diaz used tiny brushes to paint this amazing piece, taking almost two weeks to complete it. Spectacular!

MURAL BY: Graeme Miles Richards, Art Fresco Design (2014-present) LOCATION: 303 South Terrace, Fremantle.

This amazing trompe l’oeil style mural is just one tiny section of the incredible 140m fresco on the exterior of East West Design in Freo (front and back). Painted by local legend Graeme Miles Richards, the artist continues to add to this mural in sections, featuring cultural designs that reflect the different countries from which the store’s wares have been sourced, as well as local scenes like Rottnest Island. We thoroughly recommend you to visit one day soon and walk the length of this masterpiece to see all the tiny details up close!

MURAL BY: Art By Destroy (2018) LOCATION: Federal Hotel, Fremantle.

Here’s a fresh new mural that popped up in Freo just recently! Painted by renowned local artist, Art By Destroy, we think it’s a touching tribute to the legend that was Bon Scott.

MURAL BY: Amok Island (2018) LOCATION: 909 Canning Highway, Applecross.

We always love seeing the pelicans perched above Canning Bridge, and now there’s a giant one to enjoy as well! You’ll find this magnificent bird next to the Super Car Wash on Canning Highway.

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MURAL BY: Shime (2017). LOCATION: 181A Lord St, East Perth.

Entitled “Dancing into the Night”, this stunning mural was painted by local graffiti and street art legend Mike Shime. To check it out in person, head to Storm Dance & Design and you’ll find it on the front exterior.

MURAL BY: Melski (2016) LOCATION: 45 Archer St, Carlisle.

Who knew a toilet block could be this beautiful?! It was painted by local artist Mel McVee (Melski) plus an army of local residents as part of a ‘paint by numbers’ community project. Congrats to Melski and the Town of Victoria Park for such a great initiative!

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