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Maybe it’s the combination of artistic prowess with tactile practicality, but it feels like everyone just can’t get enough of handmade ceramics lately. Check out these local makers who are handcrafting some of the finest tableware (and more!) around.

Kura Studio

Not just ceramics, Kura Studio mindfully explores the relationship between humans, objects and time. Small vases that ergonomically fit your palm, a jewellery tray inspired by the topography of the landscape or a Chinese water dropper designed for traditional calligraphy. Paired with their hand carved timber spoons and combs, Kura’s thoughtful approach to everyday objects shines through.

Chimerical Homewares

An explosion of technicolour glaze, Chimerical Homewares truly merge the practicality of everyday objects with art. Abstract designs that allude to Australian botanicals are hand painted and glazed in their Perth studio, creating one of a kind platters, mugs, and jewellery.


Winterwares was born out of a need to slow down and connect through making – to do less, but do better. Operating out of her Stackwood studio, Simone creates an impressive range of tableware, vases and candles, all in her signature speckled white glaze. If you want to get your own hands dirty, check out the workshops held in the Winterwares studio and make a piece to take home.

Kaki Studio

With a curated range of wares on offer, Kaki Studio create beautifully designed objects that effortlessly slide into your everyday. Whether it’s a blue speckled mug with a striking wide-set handle, a just-the-right-size vase for your bedside table, or ocean-inspired porcelain earrings, these pieces will bring a little something special into your routine. By-the-by, their genius flower disks are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys foraging for blooms on their walk home.

Grafton Pottery

Currently on maternity leave from her pottery side hustle, it’s nevertheless a great idea to keep up with when Grafton Pottery will be back at markets selling her wares. Hand carving each piece to create unique textures, these are earthy and tactile, and with their dipped glaze, reminiscent of vintage stoneware jugs.

Sole Ceramics

Created by the co-owner of Nude Design Studio, you know Sole Ceramics approach will be the epitome of a refined aesthetic. Highlights of her offerings include architectural vases, incense and candle holders turned in terracotta, and black clay wall hangings that will look perfect next to your trailing hoya plant (I hope your hoya looks better than mine, though).

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Differently to all the other makers on this list, ERVCeramics uses a technique called slip casting. This process allows her to create beautifully marbled designs, inspired by the geography and landscape of Western Australia, while maintaining a consistent shape in her extremely fine and strong vessels. Their proportions are deliberately ambiguous, meaning they’ll look great whether you use them as a vase, a planter, or for storage.

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