The best caves in the Margaret River region

Margaret River Region's Lake Cave Reopens To Visitors
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The Margaret River Region has hundreds of limestones caves beneath its surface.

And while you can’t access all of them, some of the ones you can are absolutely spectacular!

Ngili Cave

Formerly called Yallingup Cave, Ngili Cave is located on Caves Road between Dunsborough and Yallingup, around a 35-minute drive north of Margaret River. Discovered in 1899, it was the first cave in WA open to tourists and has remained one of the most popular destinations in the Margaret River region ever since. It has a a number of different tours on offer, including the popular ‘Adventure Tour’ options that give thrill-seekers the opportunity to take a hard-hat and lamp and venture off the boardwalks.
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Ancient Lands immersive experience Ngilgi Cave Yallingup

Jewel Cave

Located a 30-minute drive south of the Margaret River town centre, Jewel Cave is the largest tourist cave in all of Western Australia with one of the longest stalactites in the world. It is recognised by visitors from across the globe as one of the world’s most spectacular show caves; encrusted with gleaming crystal ornaments throughout its three massive chambers. Guided one hour tours are available.
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Jewel Cave

Lake Cave

Lake Cave is located on Conto and Caves Road in Boranup; around a 15-minute drive south of Margaret River. Walk down 350 steps and you’ll discover a stunning pristine chamber beneath the earth, with a beautiful permanent lake reflecting the unique formations of the cave.  Once back above ground, admire the views from the Lake Cave Deck, a spectacular viewing platform in the treetops. There are guided tours available daily with the first one starting at 9:20am and the last one starting at 4pm. More info here!

Lake Cave Margaret River

Mammoth Cave

Living up to its name, Mammoth Cave is 500 metres long, 30 metres in depth and is one of only a few caves in WA that contains fossils. During winter, a stream flows through the cave, creating reflections and giving it a whole new life. It is one of the more accessible caves in the region and provides wheelchair access to the first chamber. Tours are self-guided with visitors having the option to listen to an audio tour on an MP3 player on request.

Mammoth Caves

Giants Cave

Giants Cave is an adventure cave with torches and helmets provided on arrival. Negotiate vertical ladder climbs and rock scrambles, tight spots and gigantic chambers, natural cave floor and constructed walkways for more than half a kilometre in the 86m deep cave. It’s located a 15 minute drive south of the Margaret River town centre. More info here!

Giants Cave

Image Credit: DBCA, Australia’s South West