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So your friend has finally come to visit for a weekend – and they just don’t get what all the fuss is about when it comes to Perth.

Here’s our picks for a ripper weekend to show them the best coast lifestyle.

Breakfast Roll at North Street Store

Eventually a day will come when I’ll stop preaching about North Street Store, but that day is not today. Start the day off with a coffee and a bacon and egg roll from NSS (ask for the house made barbecue sauce) – or if you’re feeling adventurous, go halves on a cinny scroll and a bacon and egg. Tell your friend all about how they’ve opened another spot in Northbridge and sound very switched on and in the loop.

The Best Places To Take Out Of Towners, North Street Store

16 North Street, Cottesloe

Swim at North Cottesloe

Mosey down to Cott for a dip, after waiting a respectable time after your brekkie roll of course. Explain that you can swim all year round in Perth, because of something to do with a Leeuwin current? You definitely can’t remember specifics, but they aren’t going to know any more than you do. If they’re particularly touristy or not as confident in the water, take them to Cott main, but personally, we’d find a nice spot slightly north.


Lunch at Canteen Pizza

After your swim, you’re probably ready for lunch, right? Dry off and wander down to Canteen Pizza. Marvel at the sea views, then marvel at your pizza, perhaps with a cheeky glass of vino in hand. Maybe you restrained yourself at North Street Store so you could have the porchetta lunch special here instead (actual review from this writer’s dad: “That was the best f**king thing I’ve ever eaten”) … Gloat to your friend that you can come here anytime, so you’ll just get the special next time you’re here, or pop by during the evening for a very nifty aperitivo. Just down the road, sister to Canteen Il Lido is similarly serving great food with even better views.

The Best Places To Take Out Of Towners, Canteen Pizza, Cottesloe

110 Marine Parade, Cottesloe

Check out an exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre

You are very cultured, so you head down to Freo Arts Centre to check out an exhibition and pick up a souvenir or two at the Centre’s store FOUND, which stocks works by local artists, ceramicists, woodworkers, jewellers and more. Check out their website to see what exhibitions are coming up, and maybe bookmark any upcoming Sunday Music sessions that tickle your fancy. While you’re exploring the galleries, bring up lots of spooky ghost stories about how the building used to be the Asylum for the Criminally Insane, and then take the opportunity to sneak up on them when they’re deep in thought. You are at once historically informed and hilarious.

1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle

Drinks and dinner at Madalena’s

Lunch feels like a distant, glorious memory. Journey further south to Madalena’s in South Freo – it might even be time for a late afternoon swim at South Beach. Enjoy a drink at Madalena’s after your second swim of the day (what is this, paradise?) as the sun sets. Share some prawns and octopus, then throw caution to the wind and order the weekend whole fish special. If you feel like venturing south of the border (steady on) then pop next door to La Cabaña for some coastal Mexican flavours.

The Best Places To Take Out Of Towners, Madalenas, South Fremantle

406 South Terrace, South Fremantle

Have a boogie at Mojos

Like I said, you’re very cultured. You know all the cool local bands, some of which are playing at Mojos tonight – or if you’re a bit more of a homebody, you’ve at least checked online for some key words to tell your friend. “Psych rock, you’ll love it!”, “Did you know Bob Dylan played here once? Or at least I think he did…” Play a game of pool out the back and have a boogie.

237 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle

Hike at Bold Park

You awaken, definitely not bleary-eyed and definitely not hungover. You have natural sights to behold! Bold Park is one of the largest remaining bushland remnants you can see in the metro area, and a huge conservation area. If you’re feeling up to a hike, you can park at the base and walk up one of the trails, which feature some pretty compelling information about the park’s history as a limestone quarry and camel quarantine. But if you’re short for time, you can drive up to the top of Reabold Hill and take in the ocean and city views from the summit lookout. Nearby is a trail to the ocean lookout, which is spectacular.

Perry Lakes Drive, City Beach

Breakfast at Satchmo

After that hike, you deserve a quality breakfast. Stop in at Satchmo for a bagel and a batch brew, and browse through the vintage records while you’re there. If it’s a Sunday, chances are they have market stalls running out the front where you can pick up some quality vintage clothing.

The Best Places To Take Out Of Towners, Satchmo Cafe, North Perth

410 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Pick up a conti roll from the Re Store

The official state dish of WA, the continental roll. Your friend has been hearing people from Perth talk about conti rolls for too long, and it’s time to educate them. Pick up a roll to go, take the lead on fillings and get them a classic. we don’t want to get in the middle of any Northbridge vs. Leederville debates, go with your heart.

231 Oxford Street, Leederville
72 Lake Street, Northbridge

Eat your conti roll in Hyde Park, then get a coffee from Chu Bakery

Resist digging into your roll until you get to Hyde Park. Find a nice spot and sprawl out on the lawn. Pat lots of dogs. Try not to nap (or do, I’m not a cop). Stroll across the road to Chu Bakery and grab a coffee, and perhaps a doughnut, then return to your lawn-sprawl. If you’re prepared to venture a couple more blocks, Miller + Baker baked goods (made with flour stone milled in store!) are not to be missed!

RTRFM Neon Picnic Hyde Park 2023

498 William Street, Highgate

See a show at the Blue Room Theatre

The home of independent theatre in Perth, the Blue Room incubates an exciting year-round roster of local and national theatre makers. Check out their website to see what’s on currently – whether it’s a Kafkian comic horror or an Australiana-musical.

53 James Street, Northbridge

Grab a drink and people watch at Picabar

While you’re waiting for your show to start (you got there early, right?), pop next door for a drink at Picabar. The courtyard is the perfect spot for some people watching, and they do a great charcuterie board to start your night off right.

51 James Street, Northbridge

Smashed burgers at Hoodburger

As you emerge from the Blue Room, feeling challenged and invigorated by your experience of independent theatre, you turn to your friend and say, “Dinner?” Just down the road from the Cultural Centre is the OG location of Hoodburger. Wolf down a burger and fries, but leave room for dessert. Bonus: if your friend is picky, there’s plenty of options at Old Shanghai. If you fancy a stroll up William Street to show them the sights and sounds of Northbridge, head to People’s Cafeteria for a nourishing feed from the bain-marie.

Various Locations, Perth

Gelato from Chicho Gelato

New wave gelato! What could be cooler? If it hasn’t already sold out, always try the chef collab special. Always.

The Best Places To Take Out Of Towners, Chicho Gelato, Northbridge

180 William Street, Northbridge

Gig at the Bird

Filled with glee from your gelato experience, you skip across the road to the Bird. It’s been 24 hours since you were at Mojos, and you’re ready for more live music. Catch some more amazing local bands, or chat for hours in the courtyard.

181 William Street, Northbridge

Or, get oh-so-Frenchy and oh-so-chic at Le Rebelle

Ok, so maybe you’re not quite the gig-going type, and you’re looking for something a bit more… refined. A bit more grown up. A bit more… Ooh la la. Le Rebelle is our go-to spot for when we want to impress! The bistro strikes a balance between old-world European style whilst staying assuredly modern, giving new life to reliable bistro classics like crab toast, steak tartare, escargot with garlic butter, or crispy veal sweetbreads. While its influences span across decades and continents, there is a certain je-ne-sais-quois to Le Rebelle’s irreverence and warmth that makes it distinctly Perth’s.

Best Places To Take Out Of Towners, Le Rebelle, Mount Lawley

676 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

Header Image: Chicho Gelato in Northbridge