The Best Places To Watch A Sunrise In Perth

byPerth Is OK Staff
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Words by by Reuben Black.

Although a rarely seen event, watching the sun rise can be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences you can do. So before you click off this article in exchange for a good sleep in, ensure you give it a shot…you might just get hooked.

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Seeing the sunrise over the boat yard below as you’re sitting on a small lighthouse is truly a beautiful experience – just make sure you bring a nice warm blanket along! Located just past Hillarys Yacht Club is the Hillarys Marina Lighthouse, your spot to sit, relax and watch the golden glow pierce the sky in front of you. And the best bit? Once you’re done, Dome nearby opens at 6am, so you can have a nice warm cup of coffee and breakfast, overlooking the harbour… it’s worth the wake up, trust me.

Matilda Bay, Crawley 

Known for its amazing sunsets, Matilda Bay is also your one stop inner city destination for an amazing sunrise. With the city being backlit by the rising sun, if you do get a still morning, the glass-like river is truly breathtaking. On top of that, it’s only a stone’s throw away from the plethora of amazing coffee spots in the city to keep you going throughout the day!


Wright Lake, Champion Lakes

This is a perfect place to relax with a nice warm beverage and see the sun rise over the hills, reflecting on the lake below. Situating yourself on the south end (opposite the hills) of Wright Lake, you’ll have a front row seat view to the amazing sunrise. Parking is available at Joe Sauders park, and it’s a nice easy walk round to get that amazing view.

Trigg Beach

Arriving at the beach as the pink hues in the sky are reflecting on the crashing waves below is worth any early morning alarm clock. And what makes Trigg even better? You have a choice of several beachside cafes (with Yelo and The Little Bay being the obvious recommendations) to sit at and watch the day slowly come to life.

Photo by @darceymae__

Ellis Brook, Martin

Looking back on Perth whilst walking amongst the purple hues in the sky, it’s hard not to be impressed. The walk itself has the perfect amount of elevation to get a front row seat of the Perth skyline, not to mention plenty of beautiful birds and native flowers.

Lion’s Lookout, Lesmurdie 

For those closer to the hills, this is a must visit spot for both sunsets and sunrises. There’s plenty of seating here to watch the view and nearby bush walking trails if you’re looking for something to do after. You are also right around the corner from Kalamunda, which means you can get a nice cup of coffee from Jack and Jill after 7am on weekdays, and 8am on the weekend.

Photo by  @j_crosswell

Header image: Matilda Bay by Gavin Kerr Photography