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Words by by Reuben Black.

If you find yourself a little bored with your usual hikes or just in need of something different, Perth has an abundance of quarries left behind from its mining days – and they are ready for you to check them out! Warning: Just a reminder to exercise caution in these areas as reckless behaviour could result in serious injury.

Barrington Quarry

Distance: 2.1km
Recommended for: Semi-experienced walkers
Location: Martin, 29 minutes from Perth’s CBD

Located on the latter part of the Sixty Foot Falls trail at Ellis Brook, this quarry is distinctly known for its yearly round bluey green water. Although appealing, swimming is not advised as the colour is produced by the presence of some microbial nasties. This is a great and rewarding route to take with views over the city from the top and an impressive waterfall during the winter months. If you time it right, you can also find it beaming with wildflowers during the months of spring!

 Statham’s Quarry

Distance: 1km from Zig zag Scenic Drive
Recommended for: All, but be wary of small children
Location: Gooseberry Hill, 34 mins from Perth’s CBD

Located next to the famous sunset drive of Gooseberry Hill’s Zig Zag, Statham Quarry is a perfect place to come, relax and chill at any time of the day. There are multiple trails you can take around this quarry, however it is easily accessible parking at the large informal gravel car park halfway down Zig Zag and proceeding on foot past the white gate and down the track.
Once at the quarry, if you follow the trail along the ridge, you can walk down the side and have a break at the picnic tables and toilet facilities at the bottom. You can also check out the abandoned building near by, although it has been fenced off.

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Mountain Quarry (Boya Quarry)

Distance: 1km from the carpark
Recommended for: All, be wary of small children however
Location: Boya, 33 mins from Perth’s CBD

Mountain Quarry, also known as Boya Quarry, is located in the hills and has been commercially disused since the 1960s. It’s a wonderful place to come and relax, boasting views of Perth’s CBD from the top (and if it hasn’t been moved already, there is a rug pegged at the top for some added comfort). The site has toilet facilities, and the surrounding area is quite well known for its walking and biking trails, so be sure to check them out while you are down there.

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Un-named for the adventurous

Distance: Just over 1km from the carpark
Recommended for: Those willing to give it a shot
Location: Greenmount, 33 mins from Perth’s CBD

Located just off the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, this unnamed quarry is a guaranteed special experience. The first time I came here I remember being blown away by how otherworldly the place felt. The trails can be a little confusing at times and are less defined, but it is truly an must-visit spot to explore. There is also the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park that runs all around this area, so if you get the chance you can bring your bikes down as well! You can start the trail at the Goat Farm or alternatively park on Coongan Avenue and walk through to the Railway Reserve Trail and go from there. A map is provided below to help you find the location. Parking along Coongan Avenue, walk to the end of the cul-de-sac and follow the trail to your right to join the Railway Reserve Trail. Follow this to the left for a small distance before entering through a white gate. Follow the trail up and around until you see the quarry opening up. You can climb up and around the quarry, just ensure you’re being safe at all times.

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Cover photo of Barrington Quarry via Wandering Warwick