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Some of us at Perth Is OK! may be never-nudes, but there’s a few that don’t mind getting some sun on their bits.

And why not do it at one of our spectacular beaches? Here are just a few of the best nude beaches around WA:

Cable Beach

One of WA – if not the world’s – most famous beaches, it’s also a popular spot for naturists. If you’re taking your kit off, you’ll need to head north of the rocks where you can find a quiet spot to enjoy the spectacular views. And while we love going for a dip in the warmer months, due to dangerous Chironex and Irukandji jellyfish it’s better to stay out of the water during summer.

Mauritius Beach

While Mauritius Beach aka the Ningaloo Reef nude beach has a long history of naturist use, you might still have to keep your sandals on!  The stunning beach is just north of Exmouth, perched on the tip of the North West Cape – and while much of it is bright, shimmering white sand, you’ll also come across quite a few rocky sections of beach. If you’re really lucky, you may even witness a few sea turtles hatching in the sands.

Mauritius Beach Exmouth

East Pretty Pool

Part of Port Hedland’s unique landscape, East Pretty Pool is pretty unlike any other beaches on the list. Yellow-red sand meets bright blue water, with rising tides vastly changing the topography of the area – at low tide, the beach can recede 250m, exposing the mangroves. You’ll find the clothing-optional stretch of beach about 500m east of the beach entry, and make sure to check for up to date warnings about local species. This is croc country, after all!

Gnaraloo Bay

It must be something to do with that humid weather, but evidently there’s something about the north and nude beaches! Between Carnarvon and Coral Bay is Gnaraloo Station – a working pastoral station, and one of the last remaining merino stations in the Gascoyne. Gnaraloo Bay is only seven kilometres from the homestead, and is an entry point to the Ningaloo Marine Park. The breathtaking location is also home to some of the gnarliest and more dangerous surf breaks in the world (you’ll find the heavily-photographed “KING WAVES KILL” sign just south of here at Quobba Station), but luckily the Bay and Three Mile Lagoon offer some less hectic waters.

Cambray Pool

Ok, so not technically a beach – but certainly an appropriate place for a skinny dip. Located along the Blackwood River, it can be found just outside of Nannup. The Cambray State Forest was once home to timber logging, with Cambray Pool (or Siding) originally utilised for the steam trains that operated in the area. Later on in the ’60s, the area was a bit of a hippy hotspot – which was how the pool started to be used for nude bathing. While not technically designated as a clothing optional area, it’s known to be a long-standing tradition of the area.

Ten Mile Lagoon

Or perhaps you’d like to go further south? Just outside of Esperance, you’ll find 10 Mile Lagoon – a spectacular, sheltered beach with a clothing-optional stretch that begins 100m west of the beach’s entrance. While this section of coastline can get pretty wild and woolly, a limestone reef means that the lagoon is perfect for calm bathing.

Ten Mile Lagoon Esperance

Whaling Cove

With its white sands and huge boulders, Albany is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. While some can get pretty wild with those cold winds and large swells, Whaling Cove (also known as Whalers Cove or Fisheries Beach) is a sheltered haven perfect for swimming, just a stone’s throw from the town centre. While not technically a clothing-optional beach, it’s had a long enough history of use by naturists for signage to go up indicating its free beach status!

WA's Best Nude Beaches, Whalers Beach, Albany

Port Kennedy

Of course, sometimes you need to get nude a little closer to home! Established as clothing optional in 1988, Port Kennedy’s nude beach rivals the beaches up north though, with white sands gently sloping into crystal clear water – just make sure you head there before that sea breeze picks up!

North Swanbourne

Ah, you didn’t think we’d skip the most handy free beach, did you? Right between City and Cott beaches, you’ll find yourself – sometimes by accident! – at North Swanbourne’s nude-friendly beach. Used for nude bathing since before the Second World War, look out for the “Clothing Optional” signs, and go earlier in the day to avoid too much wind.

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