5 Tips For Saving Water While Travelling These School Holidays

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Our new love affair with wandering out yonder doesn’t mean we should slacken off when it comes to water wastage. We’ve teamed up with Water Corporation to offer some valuable tips for saving water while journeying through the regions these holidays.

As our Western Australian summers (and years in general) get warmer and drier, it’s become increasingly important to practise waterwise techniques in our day-to-day lives. This also means behaving the same while we’re on the road travelling around our great state, and there’s plenty of ways you can keep up your water conservation.

While on the road and staying in holiday destinations, here are five simple steps to do your part and use water wisely.

1. Check your home before departing

The first way you can be waterwise on holidays actually starts at home, with a quick run around to make sure there’s no drips or leaks left unchecked – a week or two away makes a big difference. Likewise make sure your reticulation system is only running on your watering days, and make sure all appliances that use water are turned off properly, saving water and electricity.

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2. Watch out for leaks and report where you find them

Maintenance is more important than ever and with our holiday destinations filled to the brim with locals wandering out yonder, sometimes things might get looked over. If you happen to spot a leaky or running tap unattended, don’t be afraid to let someone at the park, beach or accommodation know – it could save thousands of litres of water unknowingly going to waste.

3. Use your own taps wisely

Sure you’re on holiday and it can be tempting to “live the good life” (hey, you’re not paying for the water, right?), but keeping your showers to under 4 minutes and turning the tap off while brushing teeth and doing the dishes can save dozens of litres of water – if not more. 

4. Reuse towels and clothes where possible

Those fresh new towels daily can be mighty tempting but you don’t wash your towel after every shower at home, so why do it on holiday? It makes no difference outside of saving a lot of water! Same goes for ya clothes – save the washing for bigger piles and only when you need to.

5. Half flush all the way!

This might be a controversial take but we reckon you can pretty much always use the half flush if it’s available (and you’ll know pretty quickly if not). Regardless, if your accommodation has a half flush option, make sure you use it where you can and you’ll save upwards of 80L of water per day! Think before you flush too and keep the region’s pipes clean – just think, “only paper, pee and poo goes down the loo.”

For more tips on conserving water at an increasingly crucial time for our climate, head to the Water Corporation’s WATERWISE page.