Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Lauren Ioppolo, Nectarine

14 Perth Wedding Photographers To Capture Your Nuptials Just Right

bySally Hall
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It may just be one day, but you’ll want to keep the memories forever. We’ve rounded up just a few of Perth’s amazing photographers to capture the magic of your nuptials.

Keeper Creative

Keeper Creative‘s Hannah is a genius when it comes to capturing those spontaneous, intimate moments. Brimming with authenticity, her photos are all about the real, magic spark between two people. It doesn’t hurt that they look so good, too – balancing the dreamy, sun-drenched aesthetic with some down-to-earth fun.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Keeper Creative


Jenna Mason

With the insta handle “coolafweddings”, you can rest assured… Jenna Mason‘s photos are cool AF. Chilled out, party central, gritty fun is the name of the game – think hardcore dance floors, vintage cars and a do-it-my-way attitude. Like we said, cool AF.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Jenna Mason


Samantha Simone

Speaking of cool AF, we can’t get enough of Samantha Simone‘s romantic film photography. From flash-filled, technicolour parties to those quick, tender moments-in-between, they all have her magic touch.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Samantha Simone


Kate Drennan Photography

Kate Drennan‘s photographs make any romance feel epic. Down to visit just about anywhere, Kate’s passion for travel and beautiful scenery clearly shines through – although the most stunning vista will obviously be you and your beloved!
Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Kate Drennan


James Simmons

With a focus on good times, real moments and adventure, it’s no wonder James Simmons has become such a big name in Perth wedding photography. His talent with dramatic, natural lighting will take your photos to the next level.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, James Simmons


Adam Levi Browne

Adam Levi Browne‘s photos will make your day look straight from a movie – sun flares and all! Capturing fleeting moments in beautiful light, your photos will be dynamic, romantic and timeless.


Varga Murphy

The guys at Varga Murphy manage to balance a cool and contemporary aesthetic with a sense of timeless romanticism. One part casual, one part drama, they’ll perfectly capture your day from the sweet, private glances to the swigging champagne on the dance floor, wild party moments.

Natasja Kremers

While Natasja Kremers‘ mantra is “beauty isn’t always pretty”, we have to concede that her wedding photos are pretty glorious. While a reflection of real-life, you’ll look and feel like the coolest, most stylish, fun version of yourself.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Natasja Kremers


Loren Ioppolo

Loren Ioppolo, charmingly also known as Nectarine, transforms your day into the dreamiest, timeless photographs. While capturing unposed and natural moments, her aesthetic elevates them to pieces of art you’ll cherish forever.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Lauren Ioppolo, Nectarine


Jillian McHugh

Professional people-watcher Jillian McHugh turns her journalistic eye towards your nuptials, capturing unposed, unfussy moments. She’s at the ready, whether it’s snapping that magical, one-in-a-million beam of light, or the moment your bestie cracks a killer joke.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Jillian McHugh


Peggy Saas

Peggy Saas will commemorate your day’s moments, unscripted yet perfectly captured. From the calm and quiet moments to the raucous party, they’ll be immortalised with her distinctive aesthetic.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Peggy Saas


Alexandra Cohen

Alexandra Cohen‘s photos are imbued with all the romanticism and joie de vivre you’d expect from a French expat. Capturing all the chaos of your day, including the fleeting and hidden moments that make it so special.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Alexandra Cohen



Capturing all the fun of the day, Westerly‘s Ella Kirby’s photos are full of dynamism and energy. Sun-drenched and bright, these are for lovers who are ready for an adventure.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Westerly, Ella Kirby


Ricky Gestro

Ricky Gestro‘s photographs are as cool as they are classic. We’ve talked about the balance between the classical romance and the down ‘n dirty party times already, but Ricky might actually be the master of capturing both sides of the day.

Perth's Best Wedding Photographers, Ricky Gestro

Header image: Loren Ioppolo (Nectarine)