Where To Find The Best Chicken Rice Around Perth

bySally Hall
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Chicken rice. Deceptively simple, but when done right – full of complex flavours. Here are seven of our favourite spots to get the much-loved comfort food.

Tak Chee House

Basically an institution at this point, Tak Chee House has been serving the beloved staple since 1988. Moist, tender chicken is served atop bean sprouts, with fragrant, flavourful rice – and the accompanying chilli sauce takes things from great to amazing. Once you’ve had it, you’ll understand the faithful devotion shown to this place over the years.

1/364 William Street, Northbridge

Bull Creek Hawker

There’s something about chicken rice that’s made extra special by the hustle and bustle of an unpretentious hawker. Luckily, if Bull Creek Hawker has one thing, it’s hustle and bustle – well, that and some killer chicken rice. The chicken is moist, the rice is tasty, and when it’s this cheap, you can hardly find a reason not to… that is, if you can resist the curry laksa.

118 Parry Ave, Bull Creek


While some of the restaurants on this list have been around for decades, KCH proves that new dogs can learn old tricks, too. This modern, minimalist Malaysian eatery keeps things simple with a small, rotating menu, but chicken rice (or as they call it, Rice! Rice! Chicken Rice!) – extremely generously portioned, by the way – has remained a steady favourite.

Unit 41, 10 Angove Street, North Perth

Hoi Bo

When you’re surrounded by everyone eating the same dish, you know you’ve made the right choice. Head to Hoi Bo at lunchtime and you’ll see a sea of chicken rice – and it’s no wonder why. Succulent chicken, fluffy rice packed with flavour… if you can resist the gravitational pull of Coventry, Hoi Bo is just one of Morley’s hidden treasures.

3 Progress Street, Morley

D’Big Mama

Now, let’s not stray toooo far away from Coventry… D’Big Mama is there, after all. Serving up homestyle Malaysian cuisine, if you can resist the homemade bamboo pole noodles (a specialty of theirs), you’ll be well rewarded by their chicken rice – flavoursome broth and rice make it one of the best in Perth.

Coventry Village, 243-253 Walter Road West, Morley

Enak Kopitiam

It would be so limiting to only enjoy chicken rice for dinner – luckily Enak Kopitiam is around for you to enjoy all of your favourite Malaysian hawker dishes at breakfast or lunch. Roti bakar, congee, tahu goreng… all tempting, but we’ll always go back to their stellar chicken rice in the end.

Shop 11, 61 Apsley Rd, Willetton

Chop Chop BBQ

Chop Chop BBQ bill themselves as Chinese barbecue with a hint of Southeast Asia…and we’ve gotta say, they’ve combined the best of both worlds. As well as their top-tier chicken rice, you’ll find dishes like laksa with crispy-skinned roast pork, or KL-style char siew.

116 Barrack Street, Perth

Header image: Chop Chop BBQ