Zig Zag Scenic Drive: Everything you need to know

Zig Zag Scenic Drive
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So you’re looking for some spectacular city views and you’ve done Kings Park to death – where to next?

Why not make a morning or afternoon of it and head for the hills, gunning for the unparalleled views of Gooseberry Hill’s scenic Zig Zag Drive – a one-way trip down the mountain that offers some incredible views of the Swan Coastal Plain and all that lies within.

What is it?

The Zig Zag Scenic Drive is a one-way road down the western side of the Darling Ranges in Gooseberry Hill and part of the Beelu National Park. It’s a steep, almost-3km drive that winds down a very narrow road, one filled with plenty of hairpin turns and dynamic changes of scenery around every corner.

Originally a section of railway servicing Kalamunda and beyond, it now services your desire for incredible views of the Swan Coastal Plain, Perth city and its surrounds and a fair smattering of the local flora and fauna.

It opens at 11am daily and closes at 8.30pm seven days a week, and it’s a one-way shared pace that’s a pedestrian and cycling friendly zone. Outside of those times you are allowed to walk or cycle Zig Zag, but not drive.

Zig Zag Scenic Drive

Where is it?

A short half-hour trip from the city, you wanna head east along Tonkin and then Roe Highway, before getting off at Maida Vale Road and then Gooseberry Hill Road. From there you go up Williams Street which goes becomes Lascelles Parade, and that gets you at the top of Zig Zag Scenic Drive.

From there it’s a fantastic, winding one way trip down to Ridge Hill Rd, where you’re now right in the thick of exploring the Kalamunda Hills.

What to do:

Drive baby! But take it slow – the one-way road has a slow speed limit for a reason, so take it easy and enjoy the view. Along the way down there are several areas for you to pull over and enjoy the view properly, just be careful of other traffic making its way down, along with cyclists and walkers.

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Speaking of, you can walk down the road, just be mindful of how narrow it is and the traffic coming behind you. Walking enables you to veer of onto a number of different sidebars, including the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail and Stathams Quarry – a popular rock climbing site.

Zig Zag Scenic Drive

What not to do:

Be a hoon! The slow speed limit is there for a reason, and not only is hooning down the hill annoying for everyone else, it’s dangerous!

And if you’re in a car past 8.30pm you’ll get locked in until the next morning, so make sure you don’t leave your run too late!

Anything else?

Head for the hills around sunset for views that might even outdo sunsets over the ocean…Might! And if the conditions are right you’ll get some incredible starry night skies too.

Image Credit: Perth is OK!