The Long Awaited Bagel O’s Is Officially Open Tomorrow!

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“For two years, all I did was bake bagels!”

It’s safe to say, Bagel O’s owner Shahryar feels strongly about bagels.

A combination of a lockdown passion for baking and years spent living between Perth and LA and it was only a matter of time before the beginnings of Bagel O’s starting taking over his brain. That, and a chance encounter in Studio City with both Selena Gomez and cult bagel truck Yeastie Boys‘ stacked deliciousness.

“I just love the sandwich! I like the fact that it’s big, and it’s turning something that was so traditional, so basic, and evolved it into something beautiful.”

“It has to be bussin’!”

The aesthetic – blue and white, minimalist, dotted with illustrations of Larry David – draws a clear link to New York deli culture and LA sunshine, but the menu leans more new-wave.

Alongside house-cured lox, dill schmear, red onion and tomato (classic!), you can also expect to find Bagel O’s take on a chicken parmi, Nonna’s meatballs and a Cubano with mojo roast pork. Hangovers and hungry bellies are slain by the Bronsalini – named for chef, rapper and now wrestler, Action Bronson – stacked with bacon, eggs, hash browns, and drizzled in a signature hot honey.

You’ll be tempted to keep to the bagels – which is understandable – but we must also urge you, strongly, to look towards the sandwiches. Both options are made with a light, slightly tangy, house-baked rye, and the pastrami was truly out of this world: fatty, smoky and packed with flavour.

The kitchen is headed up by chef Tristan, while the front of house is managed by Jonathan. Both came to Perth via New Zealand, and both were tempted to the world of bagels by Shahryar – who provided an endless stream of carb-loaded content in the group chat. Joining them in the kitchen is baker Nathan, who comes to the team via esteemed bakeries Everyday Bread and North Street Store.

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“I love bagels, but it’s more the atmosphere and vibe that I love,” Jonathan tells us.

“When I worked at Bivouac it was all about the experience that you give others, so that’s my forte – I like to treat people how I’d like to be treated. Whenever they come in, I like to give them that love! Sometimes you go into a place and they don’t want to be there and you can feel it, and then the whole experience isn’t good.”

For Tristan, who spent years in traditional European-style bistros and was later at Source Foods, it’s an opportunity to expand on his knowledge base. A love for making kimchi over the past few years has lead to plenty of exploration into the world of pickling – many of which are now happily displayed on high shelves behind the counter.

“My heart is in sandwiches and bagels now!”

Bagel O’s is scheduled to open tomorrow, Thursday November 10, and is located at 627 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley. They’ll be open from 7:00AM to 2:00PM weekdays, 8:00AM to 3:00PM weekends.