Goody Two's Christmas Grinchmas Cocktails

Bah Humbug: Get Into The Grinchmas Spirit With These Goody Two’s Cocktails

bySally Hall
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4:00, wallow in self-pity. 4:30, head to Goody Two’s for one of these cocktails!

This hidden favourite beneath the east end’s Hibernian Place is bringing the Grinchmas spirit this year, with three special festive cocktails on offer from today, December 1.

Goody Two's Christmas Grinchmas Cocktails

Head into the cocktail den and you can sip down a Baby It’s Cold Outcider: spiced rum, pomegranate and cherry are topped up with apple cider, plus an oh-so-festive cinnamon sugar rim.

Also on offer, the Prancer’s Punch certainly packs a punch, channeling Christmas jaffa flavours with Aperol, hazelnut, and a mini candy cane to garnish.

Of course, we’re tempted by the Grinch’s Heart: a fantastically green concoction riffing on a Midori sour, topped with Midori meringue and a cherry red Grinch heart on top.

Bah humbug, baby!