7 Of The Best Cafés In Bayswater And Bassendean

Bassendean and Bayswater's Best Cafes, Last Crumb Cake Co
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As Perth’s inner suburbs creep further afield, gems like Bayswater and Bassendean are filling with more and more great cafés. Here are just a few of our favourites:


Long time brunch favourite of ours, tbsp. is worth going out of your way for. While their classics, like eggs on toast, muesli or French toast are all perfectly executed, we think the real stars are the Asian-inspired offerings. Chilli scrambled eggs are topped with crispy shallots, corander and chilli oil. A slow cooked egg is nestled in a bowl of chicken congee. Bonito flakes gently flutter atop zucchini and corn okonomiyaki. For a moment, all is right in the world, and we haven’t even mentioned their A+ coffee game, which ceremoniously rises to the occasion.

Bayswater's Best Cafes, tbsp

10 King William Street, Bayswater

Cosmo Coffee

A coffee van parked up at a suburban oval? It doesn’t exactly inspire high expectations… until you chance upon Cosmo Coffee. This gleaming, polished, beacon of caffeine surpasses expectations and then some, with ace coffee served up by friendly barista Amos. Grab a pastry as well, and while you’re there, make sure to pat some pups.

Wymond Park, Coode Street, Bayswater

Timely Coffee

When it comes to good coffee, Timely knows what’s up. They also know about trying to be good in other ways, too: they’re committed to operating ethically and sustainably in all arms of their business. As well as their nifty coffee subscriptions and eco-friendly, 100% compostable coffee pods, you can get the goods in person at their Bayswater roaster and coffee shop.

5/4 Bassendean Road, Bayswater

Little Picture Café

Just down the road from Meltham station, the Little Picture Café makes use of a heritage-listed former corner store, which was run by the current owner’s father up until 1989. Drop past for an on-the-go coffee or watch the world go by from a seat on the footpath – just make sure to grab a lamington while you’re there.

2 Cox Street, Bayswater

Porkies BAR-B-QUE

While this might be straying slightly from strict definitions of “café”, if you’re looking for lunch – Porkies will more than provide. Right on the border of Bayswater, Porkies is not for the faint of heart. You could almost believe you were deep in the heart of Texas, if not for the Australian chatter that fills the room, or the familiar faces across the many TV screens – but this is no place for highfalutin airs. It’s a place for greasy-fingered goodness, free soft drink refills and definitely for an elastic waistband. We’re still dreaming about the sticky, sweet, smoky 16-hour burnt ends and garlicky stadium fries.

208 Railway Parade, Bayswater

Last Crumb Cake Co.

You’ll be eating every crumb of the incredible cakes that come out of Last Crumb Cake Co. in Bassendean. Their cakes are showstoppers, but you’ll also find it hard to resist their cinny scrolls and fresh baked bread. As well as baked goods, you can also head there for some nourishing brunches for those without as much of a sweet tooth.

Bassendean and Bayswater's Best Cafes, Last Crumb Cake Co

77 West Road, Bassendean

Holly Rayes

Love dogs, coffee and urban art? Then you’ll love Holly Raye’s. Tucked away in a Bassendean suburban shopping strip, the exterior boasts a stunning Anya Brock artwork that features the owner’s dog, Angus – when they say dog friendly, they mean it! They’re also serving up some cakes and brekkies as pretty as the artwork – as well as some weekly French dinners that’ll have you saying “Ooh la la!”

Bayswater and Bassendean's Best Cafés, Holly Rayes

1 James Street, Bassendean

Header image: Last Crumb Cake Co.