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Floreat's Best Cafes, Some-day Coffee Co
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Often overlooked between the coast and the city, Floreat is more than just leafy suburban streets – there’s some cafés around that’ll knock your socks off.

Cup & Co

A leafy suburb like Floreat needs an appropriately leafy cafe, and Cup & Co. does not disappoint. Overlooking the picturesque Perry Lakes, Cup & Co.’s third location opened at the end of November, and has become a firm and fast favourite for locals. As well as delish coffees, brunches are levelled up with high quality local ingredients – like La Delizia Latticini stracciatella, served alongside confit roma tomatoes and poached eggs. Grab and go options are just as good, with the cabinet laden with bagels, wraps and more.

Floreat's Best Cafes, Cup and Co

1 Finishline View, Floreat


Cute as a button, Some-day delivers in more than just good looks. Stop by for a killer coffee on the run, or settle into that leafy courtyard for one of their brunches – with the ever-changing menu featuring plenty of twists on favourites, like wild mushies from The Mushroom Guys served atop a flaky paratha, or a chimmichurri that will sort out your hunger at any time of day.

Floreat's Best Cafes, Some-day Coffee Co

445 Cambridge Street, Floreat

Cambridge Corner Store

Sure, some friend tells you somewhere’s great… That’s not always enough to sell us. But when we keep hearing the same name, again and again, over and over? Well, that’s when we’re really paying attention. Cambridge Corner Store is one such place, winning legions of local fans after taking over the old corner deli spot. While their excellent pies are more than worth a trip on their own, you’ll also be tempted by their other baked treats – from sweet slices and pastries to loaves of bread to take home with you.

442 Cambridge Street, Floreat

Maison Saint Honore

You’d need a heart of stone to resist the dreamy pastel macarons and flaky croissants of Maison Saint Honore. Their Floreat café has not just the sweet treats on lock, but plenty of brunch classics and of course, their signature crepes.

117C Birkdale Street, Floreat


Korean-Italian brunch at the Floreat Forum? That’s got to be the first time we’ve uttered that combination of words, but it certainly won’t be the last. Fave’s menu is littered with dishes that traverse most corners of the globe, yet somehow stays cohesive. Kimchi pulled pork benny sits alongside beef bulgogi spaghetti, or tiramisu croffle with espresso mascarpone and mocha jelly. For traditionalists, there’s also classics like house cured salmon with smashed avo and scrambled eggs.

Floreat's Best Cafes, Fave

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Floreat Forum, Shop 82A, 5 Howtree Place, Floreat


Done a big ol’ shop and run outta steam? The Forum’ s Flourish will sort you out with not only excellent coffee, but nourishing smoothies, juices and snacks.

Floreat Forum, Shop 80A, 5 Howtree Place, Floreat

Header image: Some-day