18 Of Northbridge’s Hidden (And Not-So-Hidden) Café Gems

Northbridge's Best Cafes, Source Foods
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We tend to gravitate to Northbridge in the later hours (or the wee hours of the morning, before there’s any coffee in sight…) But there’s plenty on offer while the sun’s still shining – here are just a few of the best cafés for when you’re next in the 6003.

Dine By Arrival Hall

While the Dine by Arrival Hall menu isn’t extensive, it sure packs a punch. Always changing, you’ll see dishes like prawn rolls, smoked salmon smørrebrød, or a Black Angus tenderloin sandwich on offer, as well as toasties, baked treats and bowls. Normally, the fact that it’s inside a furniture store would be a detriment, except that Arrival Hall’s space is so stylish, so serene… we’re happy for an excuse to loiter.

Northbridge's Best Cafes, Kafka Coffee

162 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Cafe Pastel

If you’re just gonna do one thing, you’ve really got to make sure you do it well – and luckily, Cafe Pastel are pretty damn good at pastéis de nata. Baked every 15 minutes, these little treats boast crispy, caramelised, oh-so-flaky pastry bases and unctuously creamy custard filling. Alongside a coffee, they’re just about impossible to resist.

201 William Street, Northbridge

Perth Camellia Cafe

A sleeper hit, Camellia Cafe opened at the start of 2021 and has quietly accrued a loyal following with their sweet treats. Specialising in bingsu, they also have some next-level croffles, and perfectly-golden honey bread piled high with whipped cream and your choice of toppings.

1/145 Newcastle Street, Northbridge

French Resistance

One half of the Galette de France team branched out in 2018 to create French Resistance – Northbridge’s answer to your croissant cravings. The same meticulous approach to pastry applies here: a steadfast commitment to quality and refusal to cut corners. As well as croissants and danishes, expect to find a rotating array of other sweets on offer, like lemon and ricotta cakes and vanilla slice. (And a coffee to go, bien sûr!)

271 Newcastle Street, Northbridge

Flora & Fauna

It’s hard to believe that everything from Flora & Fauna comes from its itty bitty, teeny-tiny kitchen. Vegan offerings run the gamut from banana bread (a huge wedge, served with a gigantic plate of fruit), to tropical waffles topped with mango and raw salted caramel, to savoury treats like Mexican mac ‘n cheese, or a towering corn fritter stack. And not that gram-worthiness is the ultimate barometer of food, but we absolutely dare you to resist photographing these technicolour, blooming plates.

Northbridge's Best Cafes, Flora and Fauna

4/70 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Little Bird Cafe

Gluten free friends if you haven’t discovered Little Bird Cafe then it’s time to hop on your bike and indulge yourself. Their vegan banana pancakes are divine, likewise the bird benedict and brekky bruschetta, and if you’re after something a little different the popcorn chicken tacos are fresh as heck! They also sling some mean juices and smoothies, and after all that goodness you’ll find it difficult to resist a slice of whatever decadent gluten free cakes they’ve got lined up in the cabinet on your way out.

100 Lake Street, Northbridge

Kafka Coffee Shop

Teeny-tiny, itty-bitty Kafka might have a small footprint, but it packs a punch with what its got. A lightbox understatedly advertises “coffee, bagels, disco.” and delivers on all fronts – alongside a curated selection of art, design and music publications.

3/62 Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge

Miller + Baker

Miller + Baker have become an instant fave amongst the Northbridge and Highgate massive with killer coffee and their freshly baked sourdough made with flour milled on site. Their New American Stone Mill is the first of its kinda in WA, and you can taste the difference. Their almond croissants are delicious, and this whole area at the top of Lake Street is better off for having Miller + Baker doing their thing!

Northbridge's Best Cafes, Miller and Baker

6B/236 Lake Street, Northbridge

Re Store

With Italian migrants largely responsible for Perth (and Australia’s!) café culture, we just have to mention the Re family. First arriving in Perth in 1894, Giuseppe Re opened his first deli in 1904 to supply continental goods to Italian miners. The Northbridge store has been in its same Lake Street location since 1936, and still remains one of Perth’s most hustling, bustling and tastiest spots for lunch. Of course you’ve got to grab a classic conti, but we also reckon you should try some of Lorenzo’s fresh daily pastas.

72 Lake Street, Northbridge

Zonts Bakehouse

Earning legions of followers with their cult-favourite underground bakery Backdoor Bakehouse, it was only a matter of time until the crew expanded to a brick and mortar operation. And thus, Zonts Bakehouse was born, moving from Subiaco into their new Northbridge digs in October. That golden, flaky pastry is pretty mesmerising on its own, but the flavour combos absolutely take things to the next level – like croissants topped with everything bagel seasoning and filled with cream cheese, or stuffed with bacon, kimchi and stracciatella. Those with a sweet tooth with be more than looked after, with flavours like blood orange and pink grapefruit curd, or danishes filled with matcha, cheese and yuzu meringue.

Northbridge's Best Cafes, Zonts Bakehouse

Unit 2, 228 James Street, Northbridge

Source Foods

If it’s a healthy meal you’re chasing that still packs plenty of flavour, head to Source Foods on the corner of Beaufort and Brisbane Street. A quiet little cafe filled with heaps of nourishing goodness, everything has a gluten free option and there’s almost as much in the way of vego and vegan options. The breakfast board with dippy eggs and soldiers is tough to beat though!

4/289 Beaufort Street, Northbridge

Peoples Cafeteria

Of all the successes we could have predicted, the alchemy of Peoples Cafeteria was not one of them – but in this case, we’re happy to be proven wrong. We should have had an inkling though, with North Street Store’s midas touch: nourishing, excellent quality, home-style food at reasonable prices. Opening at 8:00am, it’s also a killer spot to stop in for your morning coffee and a sneaky baked good.

Shops 5-6, 375 William Street, Perth

Lulu Lala

Perched out the front of Northbridge’s Centre for Stories, Lulu Lala is dishing up oh-so-cute coffees, iced drinks, bagels and sweet treats – including a hard to resist blueberry cream cheese crumble and a very tempting cinnamon scroll scone.

Northbridge's Best Cafes, Lulu Lala

1/100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge


Mimochi only opened in August of 2021, but they’ve quickly built a loyal following for their signature treats. Two of our favourite things – mochi and donuts! – come together in an array of enticing flavours, from Thai milk tea to matcha or pandan.

Northbridge's Best Cafes, Mimochi

Shop 1/70 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Café Guilty Pleasure

Those with a sweet tooth are well represented in Northbridge – especially at the aptly named Café Guilty Pleasure. This quirky Korean café only opens in the afternoon, but you can stay into the evening and spend some quality time with plenty of adorable desserts, from cakes that go perfectly with a cosy cup of tea or some refreshing bingsu.

Northbridge's Best Cafes, Cafe Guilty Pleasure

1/222 James Street, Northbridge

Flo Espresso

Flo have been around for a fair while, quietly slinging some of the best coffee in town alongside some tasty treats. Whether you’re looking for a quick brekkie on the go or something that’ll fill you up on your lunch break, they’ve got you covered.

15 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Freddie Strudels

After becoming a household name in Singapore for their flaky strudels, 2016 saw Freddie Strudels bring their strudel game to the people of Perth. Think crisp, light pastry, stacked high with layers of fresh cream and custard and layered with your choice of fruit – including a popular durian option for lovers of the divisive fruit.

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193 Brisbane Street, Northbridge

Get Ya Fix

Get Ya Fix are slinging some ace bagels up the top end of Northbridge, plus coffee by Twin Peaks that’ll have you zooming down William Street in no time.

1/471 William Street, Northbridge

Header image: Source Foods