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Where To Eat In Wembley, Alberts Respite
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It can be easy to forget about little ol’ Wembley – but in between the city and the sea is a treasure trove of good eating and drinking, with restaurants and cafés a-plenty.


It would be easy to over-complicate things, but put quite simply: Monsterella gets a lot of things just right. Those bases? Naturally risen for 48 hours, light as air, crispy, chewy, perfetto. That sauce? San Marzano tomatoes, ovviamente. A selection of pasta that will tempt even the most fanatic pizza fiend? Buon appetito!

46 Grantham Street, Wembley


Down the road sibling to Monsterella, Mummucc’s sparse layout, friendly atmosphere and elegantly simple menu all set the scene for you to really indulge in your love of wine. Their wine list is extensive yet curated – and the all-knowing staff are always happy to thoughtfully guide you.

Where To Eat In Wembley, Mummucc

6/46-56 Grantham Street, Wembley

Mellow Coffee

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of a pancake stack, any day of the week. Luckily, so is Mellow Coffee! Taking over the space that used to be Yellow Pancake (RIP), they’ve wasted no time in drawing crowds eager for their impressive list of indulgent brunch items including fluffy buttermilk pancakes, crunchy chicken waffles and a Greek bowl featuring a yoghurt stuffed tomato.

Where To Eat In Wembley, Mellow Coffee

38a Grantham Street, Wembley

Modus Coffee

Since opening the doors to their Mount Lawley store at the tail end of 2016, Modus have really set the standard to what exciting things a teeny tiny coffee shop can do. From their steadfast commitment to quality coffee, their ethical roasting operation, their sustainable practices, to their refined food offerings, to their collaborations with other top local producers… it was only a matter of time before they had to take it to another level. Now, not only do they have a Vic Park store, but a Wembley outpost, too.

1/184 Harborne Street, Wembley

Albert’s Respite and Refreshments

There’s something about the Bread and Circuses gang that just knows how to nail a homey neighbourhood spot. As well as Doubleview’s neighbourhood favourite St Brigid, they’ve also taken over what used to be the Stanley, transforming it into Albert’s Respite and Refreshments. It’s still got some of that living-room feel, but a little bit sleeker, a little bit more refined – maybe the living room of your bougie friend. Plus, they’ve got that enticing courtyard just begging for a couple of glasses of wine!

Where To Eat In Wembley, Alberts Respite

294 Cambridge Street, Wembley


We might have big appetites, but some days even we can only commit to a slice or two. That’s just one of the reasons we’re such big fans of anywhere offering Roman-style pizza by the slice –and Wembley’s Mozzico is doing it with style. The key to any pizza al taglio is the high hydration dough; forming a crust that is crispy, tender, light and chewy all at once. Committed to quality, Mozzico makes theirs with imported flour, milled especially for this type of dough. Choose from slices topped with all our favourites (nduja, salsiccia, fior di latte, friarelli…), but if just one slice won’t do, you can also order pizzas by the quarter or half tray.

290B Cambridge Street, Wembley

Little Magic Momos

Perth has been blessed with a wave of Nepalese eateries, and one of the highlights has been the proliferation of momos – a delicious Himalayan dumpling. Available across Perth these days, Little Magic Momo serves up some of the best. Chicken, veg or buff, the dumplings are served with a tangy tomato pickle and homemade chilli sauce.

286B Cambridge Street, Wembley

Workshop Espresso

If there’s anything cyclists are passionate about (besides their bikes), it’s coffee – and Workshop Espresso is here to help on both fronts. Tucked away inside Wembley Cycles, the power of a Five Senses coffee will fuel you on for the next leg of your two-wheeled journey.

Where To Eat In Wembley, Workshop Espresso

206 Cambridge Street, Wembley

Romesco Café

You could easily drive or walk past Romesco Café a thousand times without knowing it was there – hidden within a Herdsman Parade block of flats in a space once occupied by The Pear’fect Pantry. Luckily, if the scent of grilling chorizo doesn’t entice you in, the chatter about their paella nights should do the trick.

Where To Eat In Wembley, Romesco Café

146/49 Herdsman Parade, Wembley

Viet on Selby

The experience of biting into a roast pork bánh mì – crusty baguette, soft bread, crunchy crackling, succulent meats, the zing of pickled carrots – well, it’s practically poetic. You can imagine our joy then, when we discovered Viet on Selby, an unassuming Wembley spot serving up some rolls that rival Perth’s best.

4A/151 Hersman Parade, Wembley

Cambridge International Food Court

We really get on board with a food court – who wouldn’t? Cambridge International Food Court has been keeping us well fed since 1998, with – as you would expect from the name – cuisines from around the globe. Whether you’ve got a hankering for Penang-style laksa, Hong Kong style roast pork or some nourishing phở – you’ll find it at here.

Where To Eat In Wembley, Cambridge International Food Court

350 Cambridge Street, Wembley

Header image: Albert’s Respite and Refreshment