Where To Get The Best Cocktails Around Fremantle

byCaitlin Scott
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Are you heading out for a night on the town but feeling a bit sick of the big city nightlife? How about you hop on the train down to Fremantle and enjoy a change of pace at a few of Freo’s top-notch cocktail bars? The Fremantle cocktail scene is on point, offering everything from hole-in-the-wall spots to packed local favourites – so you’ll definitely be in for a night to remember! (Well, we can’t guarantee you’ll remember everything…)

Jungle Bird

When it comes to cocktails, Jungle Bird is the ultimate Fremantle haunt. This Caribbean-style beach bar is cosy and inviting in the winter, and breezy and upbeat in summer – it’s the perfect place to let your hair down and sip some of their renowned cocktails. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a Jamaican Rum Julep – a blend of dark rums, vanilla, juice, and a dash of honey – or maybe you feel like their classic Espresso Rumtini to power you through an evening of unbridled girl time? Whether you come at the beginning of the evening to get fired up with some tequila, or just collapse into one of their comfy booths at the end of the night for a rejuvenating Bloody Mary – you can’t miss out on Jungle Bird.

59 High Street

Ronnie Nights

This cocktail bar is a much-loved choice, adored for its moody 70s decor and chilled hippie vibe, which is coupled with an enjoyable pub atmosphere that entices everyone in. Ronnie Nights’ unique style can be explained by what inspired it – the owners said they were trying to recreate an ‘old Freo house party’. A casual house party, but with epic cocktails? How is that not the perfect location for cutting loose with the girls? Enjoy offerings like a tasty margarita, or an invigorating espressotini – you might even catch some live music or a DJ and get the opportunity for a little boogie.

75-77 Market Street


Many locals still don’t know that there’s more to The Old Synagogue than just The Arbor and Tonic & Ginger – there’s actually another secret cocktail bar hidden underground – L’Chaim. Simply head down an unassuming staircase, follow a dark hallway, and find two secret doors disguised as walls and bookcases. Once inside, it’s well worth it. The place has a classy 1920s vibe, and is filled with ornate lamps, bookcases, red velvet booths and chandeliers. Step back in time with your gang, and spend the evening elegantly sipping cocktails prepared by a well-dressed bartender. L’Chaim offers endless classic options, like The Last Word, a citrusy cocktail that originated in the prohibition era, or a Penicillin – made with scotch whisky, honey and lemon.

92 South Terrace

Strange Company

How could we not include Strange Company? This bar is one of the most well-known spots in Freo, and is heralded for its cocktail game. They offer a wild menu of unique creations like the Petty Crime – which includes green tea vodka, passionfruit, and kiwi – and the Escape Artist, which has spiced rum, grapefruit, lime and sesame. If what you’re craving is something classic, like an ice-cold gin martini, then never fear – they do those too. Strange Company is a larger venue than most of our other picks, and offers a timeless, sleek look and an upbeat vibe that will please even the most diverse groups.

5 Nairn Street

Darling Darling

Tucked away on a quiet street, just moments from the main cafe strip – it’s a tiny pirate bar! If you’re looking for an entertaining location to enjoy your cocktails, then Darling Darling is the place. As soon as you push aside the curtains at the door, it feels like you’ve stepped into the belly of a pirate ship – there’s ropes hanging on the walls, a ship’s wheel at the entrance, and candles dripping pools of wax onto tables. The cocktails are simple and delicious, with offerings like a whisky sour (they love their whisky in this joint), and a Dutch East Indies Tea (gin infused with Earl Grey Tea). So why not kick off your evening with some pirate-themed fun, and a healthy amount of whiskey?

36 Henry Street

Editor’s Pick:

Republic Of Fremantle

If you’re chasing cocktails made with only the finest spirits (and who isn’t?) than why not head to the source – a spirit distillery! Republic Of Fremantle is a relatively new addition to the Freo small bar set but has been an instant hit, largely in part to their dedication to fantastic cocktails and spirits straight from the distillery. Their cocktail menu is filled with a pleasant mix of classics and signatures, all made from scratch behind the bar. It’s hard to go past their classic negroni when it comes to the former, and the Woo Woo on the latter – a blend of the Republic’s signature vodka, house-made peach liqueur and strawberry syrup (pictured, below):

3 Pakenham Street

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Header image: L’Chaim