Margarita, La Cholita

Where To Get The Best Margaritas Around Perth

byTroy Mutton
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“Seems like there’s a day for just about everything these days!” Exclaims your dad over the dinner table after a couple of red wines. “That’s right dad,” you reply, “There’s even a National Margarita Day!” This shuts him up, because every dang day is a great day for a margarita, and if someone wants to celebrate them with an “official” day, we’re here for it.

The origins of National Margarita Day are murky, although a quick Google search anoints bartender Todd McCalla as its originator, noted margarita fan who for whatever reason decided February 22 is it. Anyway, now you can impress your friends with this useless tidbit while you enjoy a margie or two with them this Tuesday 22 February (or any day of the week), and here’s a few spots that won’t do you dirty when it comes to a well-made mix of tequila, triple sec and lime:

[Update: Todd McCalla hit us up after seeing the article to let us know he actually isn’t a bartender, just a guy who loves margaritas: “I founded NMD to share the love and joy and a true well made, high quality margarita. The sad reality is most people have never had a proper margarita. Most margs consist of high fructose corn syrup, yellow dye #5 and citrus concentrate so old it was probably brought over on the Mayflower. A high quality margarita is very simple, it just takes a bit more time and $.”]

El Grotto

While this sexy Scarborough joint continues to up its food game in recent times, their commitment to magnificent cocktails has always been on-point, starting with the margaritas. And while they make a mean Tommy’s and Classic, it’s the Spicy boi that does it for us; jalapeno blanco⁠, apricot lemon⁠ and orgeat – simple combo, max flavour.

El Grotto, Spicy Margarita

Shop 5/148 The Esplanade, Scarborough

Republic Of Fremantle

While Republic Of Freo may specialise in gin and vodka (they do distill it onsite after all), we have it on very good authority that they’re expert cocktail makers will whip you up a mean Tommy’s if you ask nicely.

3 Pakenham St, Fremantle

The Standard

There’s only one thing better than a Sunday arvo session in The Standard’s lush green courtyard out the back, and that’s doing so with one of their Coco Locos in hand. 1800 Coconut Tequila, lime, agave, coconut and chilli salt combine for an untouchable spin on a classic Tommy’s – yum!

The Standard, Margarita

28 Roe Street Northbridge

Hermanos en Cantina

If you prefer your Mex with a touch of the Tex about it, Hermanos en Cantina is an unassuming little joint packing big flavours, quick service and well-priced. They also make a very mean, clean and simple margarita to help cut through the cheese.

663 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley


When you go as hard in the paint at being a fun-filled Mexican fiesta joint as Caballitos – you better make sure our margs game is on lock. Fortunately their Tommy’s is pretty damn unbeatable, and if you want to get a little bit AKA a lot extra their Caballas Margarita Tree will sort you out – nine frozen margaritas, with an option for watermelon margaritas to go with the classics!


26 Queen St, Perth


Servo in Leederville’s whole menu is big on flavour, so it makes sense they’ve put their own little spin on a margarita with their chilli & coriander tommy’s. Featuring Batango Blanco, agave, chilli and coriander, it’ll sharpen you up quicksmart.

9 Electric Lane, Leederville

Neon Palms

Neon Palms burst onto the scene a bit more than a year ago now with a neon blue take on the classic margarita, and it’s been a staple ever since. And if that doesn’t entice you, perhaps their Palms Margarita with pink dragonfruit might, or just stick with tried and tested Tommy’s – all are winners.

Blue Margarita, Neon Palms

245 William St, Northbridge

Goody Twos

They may be the specialists when it comes to Japanese whisky in Perth, but that hasn’t stopped them putting their own little spin on the margarita with a SHOCHU Tommy’s. Featuring Pineapple Anejo Tequila, agave, lime and the secret ingredient, Shochu, a distilled spirit unique to Japan.

Basement 40 Irwin St, Perth

La Cholita

One of the OG Mexican spots around Perth, the fact they recently celebrated their 10th birthday is testament to not only the quality of food on offer at La Cholita’s, but an unbeatable cocktail selection including of course, margaritas. They’ve got five different options to choose from: Classic, Verde, Frambuesa, Tamarind and Tommy’s, each with their own unique flavour combos, all damn delicious. They’re celebrating this National Margarita Day with $15 classics all night.

La Cholita

279 William St, Northbridge

El Publico

Alongside La Cholita as one of Perth’s longest-standing and most beloved Mexican restaurants, they do a classic and a Tommy’s margarita just right, although if we’re feeling naughty we’ll dabble in a Mezcal Tommy’s.

511 Beaufort St, Highgate

La Cabana

From one of the oldest to just about the newest kid on the Mexican block around town, La Cabana nevertheless take their tequila very seriously. While they do a Tommy’s and a Spicy option, we’re more inclined to stick with their classic margarita, and if its a particularly warm day in the courtyard we’ll tuck into a Frozen.

Margarita, La Cabana

400 South Terrace, South Fremantle

Darling Darling

A little further into Fremantle proper and you’ll find a swashbuckling little bar we only finally popped our cherry in just recently, and went straight for their take on a Tommy’s. It was superb,  and best enjoyed smashing peanuts and throwing them on the floor, plus if you wander in on the right day you’ll cop ’em for just $10!

36 Henry St, Fremantle