Perth’s best noodle dishes

Perth's best noodles, Qin's Lanzhou Beef Noodle, Vic Park
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Let’s talk noodles.

There are oodles of noodles out there to slurp, twist and twirl around your fork. From drunken noodles to ramen and spicy laksas, we’ve rounded-up Perth’s best noodle dishes to keep you warm all year long. 

Article written in collaboration with Clare Ryan.

Qin’s Lanzhou Beef Noodle

Qin’s Lanzhou Beef Noodle have opened their doors in Vic Park, bringing the north-central Chinese specialty to Perth. The noodle soup is known for its clear beef broth, with Qin’s expertly hand-pulling noodles to order – at your desired thickness and width – for each bowl! There’s good reason this new spot has been drawing big crowds.

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873 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Mei’s Noodles

Venture off Albany Highway into East Vic Park’s more industrial streets and you’ll be richly rewarded – especially if you find yourself at Mei’s Noodles. The low-key eatery is dishing up homestyle Yunnan-style cuisine – influenced by the region’s borders with Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos, their specialties are a distinctly spicy and sour “little pot rice noodles”, as well as a Saturday-only “Crossing-the-bridge” noodles, one of the region’s most iconic dishes.

9/18 Milford Street, East Victoria Park

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

It’s worth braving the line for a ramen from the first Keisuke in Australia at The Melbourne Hotel. Founded by Japanese born Keisuke Takeda, this small noodle bar is a ramen hot spot in the city, with a concise menu that focuses on a rich tonkotsu broth. This laser focus on decadent broth is deviated only by extra options like heat levels, extra black fungus, or the texture of your noodles.

Perth's best noodle dishes, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

33 Milligan Street, Perth

The Standard

If you’re chasing a noodle dish with a difference, then head to Northbridge for The Standard’s Korean BBQ chicken with sweet potato noodles that are covered in peanuts and a herb salad. Their menu also boasts a side dish of ‘Maggie’, noodles with chicken butter, spring onion and garlic crumb. Yum!

28 Roe Street, Northbridge 

Double Rainbow Eating House

Fast, furious and fantastic: we’ll take any excuse to grab a table at Northbridge “Korean-ish” diner Double Rainbow. Their vegan-friendly dandanmeon noodles come with flavour-bomb oyster mushrooms and a healthy sprinkling of peanuts.

Perth best noodles Double Rainbow Northbridge

224 William Street, Perth

Tonic & Ginger

Have you been to Tonic & Ginger yet? Seriously, if you’re craving a menu with a South East Asian fusion, then head inside The Old Synagogue to this restaurant. Most of their menu is vegetarian-friendly, including their stir fried hor fun noodles with black bean chilli sambal – although we’ll probably be tempted by the option to add some slow cooked beef brisket into the mix.

The Old Synagogue, 92 South Terrace, Fremantle

Red Chair Café

We haven’t forgotten laksa. Red Chair Café in Subiaco dishes up a hearty laksa. The renowned spicy noodle dish is a coconut curry soup, with either chicken, seafood or a vegetarian version of tofu and bean sprouts, with your choice of thick egg noodles or thin rice vermicelli noodles.

Perth's best noodles, Red Chair Subiaco

184 Rokeby Road, Subiaco


Perth ramen fiends will need no introduction to Nao Ramen. Since relocating from their original Murray Street digs, they’ve continued to set the standard. Choosing from four broth flavours (shoyu, miso, shio and spicy miso), four styles of noodles (original egg, green spinach, red chilli or black squid ink), as well as an array of extra toppings you can customise your order to make your perfect bowl of ramen. If it’s a hot day, check out their specialty cold ramen and tsukemen.

Shop 191, 580 Hay Street, Perth

Tosaka Ramen Bar

Tosaka are specialists in tori paitan ramen: instead of pork-based tonkotsu, tori paitan features a chicken broth that is rich and creamy, yet light. For plant-based ramen lovers, you can finally get in on the action, too! Tosaka has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available, made with a vegetable and soy bean broth. Plus, they also have shirataki konjac noodles available – a gluten free and low calorie alternative to regular egg noodles. No matter your dietary preferences, Tosaka has you covered.

305 William Street, Northbridge

D’Big Mama

Situated in one of our favourite food destinations, Coventry Village, you’ll find D’Big Mama. Serving up homestyle Malaysian cuisine, homemade noodles are their specialty – and are made even more delicious when paired with their comforting soups.

Coventry Village, 243-253 Walter Road West, Morley

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It’s a testament to the quality of Hifumiya’s offerings that – in spite of its hidden location down a laneway running between Murray and Wellington Streets – it’s become a cult favourite amongst Perth noodle lovers. Their udon are frankly out of this world and incredibly reasonably priced, made even better by their array of self-serve toppings like the tantalising array of perfectly golden tempura.

Perth CBD best restaurants, Jigoro, Hifumiya

McLean Lane, 100-104 Murray Street, Perth


Shui – as in feng shui, not like shoey – has taken over the old Funtastico site with great aplomb, adding to Subi’s growing list of hospitality offerings. Inspired by the balance of spicy, sour, sweet and salty, Shui is channelling harmonious energy forces through dishes like sesame prawn crumpets, miso-butter roast shallots or the nutty, chilli-spiked deliciousness of their dandan noodles.

Perth's best noodles, Shui Subiaco

12 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Header Image Credit: Qin’s Lanzhou Beef Noodle by @PIXI LANE.