Leederville's Best Restaurants, Servo

From Fine Dining To Perfect Pizzas: 11 Of Leederville’s Best Restaurants

bySally Hall
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After what we would describe, politely, as a “brief lull”, Leederville is back and better than ever, baby! With a few recent openings, it’s now become one of Perth’s most densely delicious suburbs, jam packed with everything from oh-so-crispy pizza and genre-less shared feasts to fire-powered fine dining.


Nestled in between Leederville and Mount Hawthorn, Pappagallo has become one of our favourite go-tos over the years. Whether its their crispy-based pizzas or luscious pastas, we keep coming back. If you’re feeling extravagant, add on a burrata to your pizza… but whatever you do, leave room for a cannoli.

Leederville's Best Restaurants, Pappagallo

250 Oxford Street, Leederville


We wrote about family-run Vikka way back in September of 2021, excited to try their Neapolitan-style pizza and share plates, and they haven’t disappointed. Pizzas toe the line between crowd-pleasing and traditional, with the hot honey a particular favourite – topped with fiery sopressa and nduja. A surprising delight was the giardiniera served alongside cured meats: crunchy yet tender with the zap of vinegar. If you gave us a plate of just that, we’d have no complaints.

Perth's Best New Bars and Restaurants of 2021, Vikka pizza, Leederville

147 Oxford Street, Leederville


Daph’s has been a slow burn success since opening mid-2021, quietly building a solid reputation for their six-course degustation. The menu showcases local, seasonal produce from their fire-driven kitchen, building on the legacy of the restaurant’s previous tenant, Rusty Pig. While the offerings are constantly changing, previous stars have included fire-seared duck breast served alongside a burnt peach purée, charred porterhouse with dauphinoise potato and red amaranth, and coal roasted cabbage with Cajun buttermilk dressing.

1/226 Oxford Street, Leederville


Part of Leederville’s zippy new Electric Lane precinct, Servo is pulling no punches – serving up a stellar, genre-less menu that’s only mission is to service all-day dining for any occasion. Nothing is off-limits here: from rigatoni tikka masala with buffalo ricotta to burrata, kimchi and white peach, or a mixed shish grill, speared with home made knives and grilled over coals. Outside, the yard bar is also home to a kebab window – we might have it on good authority that the cheeseburger borek is the perfect salve to a hangover.

Leederville's Best Restaurants, Servo

9 Electric Lane, Leederville


Hailed as Perth’s first tapas bar, Duende was, for many of us, our first introduction to Spanish food. This date-night favourite has been dishing up tapas in Leederville since 2003, but you don’t need to wait for dinner to enjoy their offerings. Open for lunch on the weekends, they’ve recently been expanding their selection of vegan dishes, too – so everyone can get into the Spanish spirit. Olé!

662 Newcastle Street, Leederville


We’re always keen to get around a Moroccan feast, and Tagine is serving up some of Perth’s best. As well as their namesake dish, their grilled skewers are oh-so-succulent, and their hummus legendary.

127 Oxford Street, Leederville

My House

We can’t get enough of My House‘s tasty dumplings – what was once a favourite from back in their Wembley food court days, it’s now our go-to dinner before catching a film at Luna Leederville. Their xiao long bao stand up to the best of them, and we can never resist a pan-fried pork bun.

Leederville's Best Restaurants, My House

140 Oxford Street, Leederville


Pinchos has quickly become synonymous with tapas in Perth. With “authentic European prices”, it’s no surprise! Pinchos clasicos start at $1 and $2, for small serves of anchovies or chorizo (at that price, it’s hard to argue against trying them all). Spanish omelettes are an authentic touch, and there’s a huge selection of Spanish cured meats and conservas – gourmet tinned seafood like sardines and mussels.

749 Newcastle Street, Leederville

Phat Lon

We were disappointed when Bunn Mee stopped opening for dinner, but it was short lived with the opening of Phat Lon next door. Like Bunn Mee, it’s helmed by Masterchef alum Jenny Lam alongside her family, with a menu that showcases her mum’s recipes in tapas-inspired, perfect-for-sharing form.

Shop 2/106 Oxford Street, Leederville


Oxford Street Italian Impronta finds the balance between approachable and upscale – and at all hours of the day. Lush pasta and flavourful, delicate antipasti are the stars of the show, from paper-thin carpaccio to a succulent ragu.

Leederville's Best Restaurants, Impronta

150 Oxford Street, Leederville


While Naber’s backyard bar IIII is all disco fun, inside is bringing the sultry, intimate date night vibes. An ever-changing roster of small plates showcase local produce, with an approach that’s kind of fine dining, kind of casual, and completely unique.

Leederville's Best Restaurants, Naber

148 Oxford Street, Leederville

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