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If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re thinking about meat between bread most of the time. Make that a Reuben? We can hardly contain ourselves. Luckily, there’s plenty of spots around Perth serving up the deli classic, from the traditionalists to the boundary-pushers.


Artem does a lot of things right, and just one of them is their weekend Reuben. Filled with house-smoked brisket pastrami (controversial) and with house-made sauerkraut, plus Swiss cheese and Russian dressing, all on toasted rye… Besides the pastrami vs corned beef contention, this Reuben keeps things straightforward, well-executed and traditional. Really, we couldn’t ask for more.

Shop 2, 39 Reynolds Road, Mount Pleasant


We’ve extolled the virtues of Modus’ A-plus coffee game already, but after a weekend visit to their new Wembley outpost for a Reuben, we’ve got to give them props for their sandwich game, too. Less extravagant than others on this list, and perhaps not quite so traditional, it nevertheless holds its own.

660 Albany Highway, Victoria Park
35/602–610 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
1/184 Harborne Street, Wembley

Mama Mahoney’s American Diner

We’re all for a bit of high-brow, degustation, fancy-pants food every now and then, but sometimes you just need some unpretentious diner-style goodness. Luckily, Mama Mahoney’s has got the goods. As well as classic diner breakfasts and burgers, you’ll find a range of sandwiches that’ll have you singing the Star Spangled Banner in no time – including a Reuben, of course. Homemade pastrami, stacked high on homemade rye, with the classic accompaniments of Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Oof.

Malaga Markets, 7 Bonner Drive, Malaga

Old Faithful

Old Faithful – how true that name has become. This American barbecue stalwart manages to strike the balance between tradition and innovation, and their Reubens are no exception. Aptly made with brisket instead of pastrami, it’s a super succulent version of the classic sandwich. Plus, with a second location now open in Fremantle, a Reuben is never too far away.

86 King Street, Perth
1 Pakenham Street, Fremantle


It’s not like it’s a well-kept secret, but we can’t stop proselytising about Satchmo. It’s just that it’s so good. Perth’s home of Jewish soul food, it’s the perfect blend of breakfast classics, hard-to-find Jewish treats like knishes, blintzes, matzo ball soup, babka and hamantaschen, plus southern staples like fried chicken and gumbo. And, of course, the bagels. Good lord, the bagels. The Satchmo isn’t, strictly speaking, a Reuben – but it fills the Reuben-shaped holes in our life quite happily. Corned beef, roast tomato, gruyère, pickles and ranch dressing… we had one just the other day, and we’re counting down the days ’til we can have another.

1/400 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Black Pig Deli & Co.

One of our favourite spots to pick up some delicious cheeseboard bits and pieces, to say we were excited that Black Pig Deli & Co. were expanding into lunches would be an understatement. With some of the best cheeses and charcuterie in Perth, their sandwich game is, of course, next-level – and that includes their Reuben. Served on North Street Store rye, it’s loaded with corned brisket, sauerkraut, pickles, Swiss cheese and their own house-made lemon myrtle dressing.  It’s a New York classic with a Perth twist.

4/890 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

Mr. Sandwich

If you’re going to name yourself Mr. Sandwich, you must be pretty confident about your sandwiches… thankfully, Mr. Sandwich lives up to its name. We’re on board with some deviation from tradition, and Mr. Sandwich’s Reuben certainly pulls it off – on a bagel rather than rye, aged cheddar rather than Swiss, and a dollop of chipotle mayo rather than Russian? Unconventional never tasted so good.

3/996 Hay Street, Perth

North Street Store

Whatever North Street Store try their hand at, they manage to knock it out of the park. Their rotating lunch specials are always hard to beat, but the Reuben… my lord, the Reuben. The corned beef, the home-made sauerkraut, the cheese, that oozing, tangy Russian dressing! A picture really says a thousand words.

16 North Street, Cottesloe

Ethos Deli + Dining Room

I know we’ve talked a lot about bucking tradition…but when is a Reuben not a Reuben? When it’s a hot pastrami sandwich. Served with their own fermented mustard on Bavarian rye bread, we just had to include Ethos Deli + Dining Room‘s hot pastrami. Paired with Ethos’ commitment to sustainability and zero-waste, this really is a sandwich you can feel good about eating.

88 George Street, East Fremantle


While we love to take our time with a leisurely lunch, sometimes you’re on the go! It’s a fast paced world, money never sleeps, baby! In which case, driving through Leroy’s for a Reuben feels like an absolute saviour. It’s got everything you’d hope for in a Reuben (pastrami, pickles sauerkraut), with the convenience of not even having to leave your car. Is this the future?

615 Stirling Highway, Peppermint Grove

Oh So Deli

It’s only just opened, but Oh So Deli has made a big, big impression already. A suburban shopping centre might not be the most natural choice for a lunch destination – but these sandwiches are upping the game, big time. All made to order, there’s a Reuben that’ll knock your socks off, a chicken katsu sando, plus a meatball sub and an eggplant parmy, as well as grab-and-go options. Enjoying a Reuben in the sunshine at Jackadder Lake? That’s a lunch we could get around any day of the week.

Woodlands Shopping Centre, Shop 12/84 Rosewood Avenue, Woodlands

Special mention to…

Sometimes, a Reuben… doesn’t have to just be a Reuben. Sometimes it doesn’t need to even be a sandwich. It could even be a croquette – and we have to give props to the Seasonal Brewing Co. for bringing us some killer Reuben croquettes that go unsurprisingly well with a beer.

175 Guildford Road, Maylands

Header image: Modus 

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