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    After a wildly popular launch late last year, Brookfield Place Perth’s unique Glasshouse Dining experience will return for an extended season this month.

    Featuring a brand-new autumn-themed design, you’ll get to indulge in some delectable meals from award-winning restaurants Print Hall and The Heritage Wine Bar, all within a very intimate setting amongst the Brookfield Place Perth skyscrapers.

    There’ll be six pods to choose from during the season, with each able to seat up to four people.

    Running from Tuesday 20 April until Saturday 19 June, the two dining options are:

    • Print Hall’s $99 per person, 3-course share style menu from Tuesday to Saturday across two sessions at 6-8pm or 8.15-10.15pm BOOK HERE.
    • The Heritage Wine Bar’s 4-course set Chef’s menu from Tuesday to Saturday at either 6-8.15pm or 8.30pm-10.45pm BOOK HERE.

    For more info on the Brookfield Place Glasshouse Dining Experience head to the Brookfield Place WEBSITE.