Burnt Ends Smoking Co Are Taking Over Beerfarm’s Kitchen For Good!

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Located on 80 acres of lush, green farmlands in the southwest countryside locale of Metricup, WA brewery Beerfarm have been doing beer justice since 2015.

With a focus on produce sourced from neighbouring farms as well as their own, sustainability, supporting local and the future are all apart of the Beerfarm brand, and that’s set to continue with some new family members jumping in the kitchen.

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From this Friday 28 February, husband and wife chef duo Nathan And Eileen Booth, AKA Burnt Ends Smoking Co, will join Beerfarm’s Ben Beaton in the kitchen – permanently.

The Booths have made a name for themselves in recent years thanks to their innovative and passionate take on smoked dishes and barbecued brilliance, all while similarly focused on a commitment to local produced and sustainability.

Having worked with the Beerfarm crew on a variety of projects since 2017, it was a no-brainer really, as Ben puts it: “With the arrival of Eileen and Nathan on the board, there’s even more excitement to see where we can all take this vehicle of deliciousness in the future…watch this space!”

As of Friday you can expect some seriously delicious, locally-produced beef and other local produce cooked over a combination of charcoal and smoke, with a menu that will still cater to a variety of dietary requirements.

Beer and BBQ are one of life’s great duos, and Beerfarm linking up with Burnt Ends may just prove the mightiest team up of them all.

Head to the Burnt Ends at Beerfarm FACEBOOK EVENT for more info!