Cheers To This Special Edition Gin And Tea From One Of Perth’s Finest High Teas

Cape Arid Rooms High Tea Gin
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Afternoon tea at the State Buildings’ Cape Arid Rooms is one of Perth’s most meticulously crafted hospitality experiences. The serene rooms, decorated with the delicate watercolour and ink works of artists Alex and Philippa Nikulinsky, are the perfect setting for their elegant service and equally elegant afternoon teas – but you’ll now be able to enjoy a little taste of the experience from the comfort of your own home!

After 18 months of careful consultation, you can now get your hands on both a gin and tea inspired by the wild Cape Arid landscape, crafted by expert distillers at Esperance Distillery Co. and master tea blender David Levi of Teassential alongside the Nikulinskys.

Utilising local botanicals to create a delicately aromatic experience, Horizon Gin features hints of citrus melaleuca, floral boronia and sweet taxandria with a gentle fade of juniper.

“My son and I embarked on an expedition to Cape Arid to forage wild botanicals alongside the National Park with consultation from traditional owners,” says Esperance Distillery Co Head Distiller, David Price.

“Our goal was to select botanicals with flavours that embodied the wild untouched spirit of Cape Arid and create a gin bouquet that reflected the botanicals depicted within the Alex and Philippa Nikulinsky’s artwork. The exquisite result is a beautifully complex and truly hand-crafted gin with a tea tree and floral boronia crescendo followed with minty lemon overtones. It is Cape Arid in a bottle.”

Cape Arid Rooms High Tea Gin

Now in its fourth iteration, the seasonal menu is inspired in particular by Seal Creek, however previous menus inspired by Hill Springs, Thomas River and Tagon Bay are also paid tribute in a series of Cape Arid tea blends.

Each utilises native botanicals for a unique sensory experience – from Hill Springs’ lemon myrtle and eucalypt-infused blend inspired by lush vegetation, to Australian-grown sencha, native mint and zesty finger lime channeling the invigorating Thomas River sea breeze.

You can get your hands on the special edition teas and gin directly from the Cape Arid Rooms, or head to the State Buildings online store.

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