Chicho Gelato’s third store opens in Mount Lawley this week

Chicho Gelato Mount Lawley
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New-wave gelateria Chicho have long been high on our list of favourite spots to grab a scoop – and they’re upping the ante with their brand new Mount Lawley location.

In addition to their original Northbridge store and Fremantle store that opened in 2022, the new Mount Lawley store will be Chicho’s flagship – with not just a retail gelateria but a purpose-built, state-of-the-art kitchen facility to ramp up production across all three venues.

As owners Carly and Cesare De Bartolo would put it: Chicho’s casa!

Chicho Gelato Mount Lawley

“We want customers who come to our new Chicho Gelato flagship to feel like they are instantly at home like at Nonna’s or Zia’s house,” explained Cesare.

“Chicho has always had family at its heart, and this builds on the experience of family in a current format.”

Chicho Gelato Mount Lawley

“We have Italian and Greek backgrounds, so it feels very fitting to have Chicho’s home based in a suburb so steeped in history for Perth’s migrant community. And we have called in favours from family on both sides to bring our bold vision to life which makes it all the more special.”

The location – once home to the iconic Indian institution Gogo’s – has been designed by Caroline Hickey of Bosske Architecture. Comprised of the Chicho shopfront, production facility and a courtyard, each space runs parallel to the street, allowing you a peek behind the curtain to the gelato magic being created.

Chicho Gelato Mount Lawley
Chicho Gelato Mount Lawley

As well as their signature artisanal flavours and impressive roster of local collaborations, the larger facility means the team can really experiment with other offerings.

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We are driven by passion to create an authentic experience and nothing will get in our way to ensure the highest quality gelato with zero shortcuts,” said Carly, a former pharmacist.

“Having outgrown our previous production base, the new Mount Lawley lab will allow our curiosity to soar and we can take experimentation to never-before-seen heights.”

“I’m particularly excited to be able to make gelato cakes and launch a range of creative desserts that go beyond traditional ice cream.”

Chicho Gelato‘s Mount Lawley store will be located at 556 Beaufort Street, and will officially open on Friday, May 10.

Image credits: Duncan Wright