Molto Bene: New Wave Gelateria Chicho Gelato Is Popping Up In Bicton

Chicho Gelato Pop Up Opens In Bicton
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Anything that brings us more gelato is good news, we reckon. When it’s Chicho? Even better!

The “new-wave” gelateria has steadily remained one of our favourites (check out some more HERE) since opening their original store in Northbridge in 2016. With a new permanent Freo store anticipated later this year, they’re bringing their signature scoops to the south side even earlier with a three month pop up in Bicton.

Chicho Gelato Pop Up Opens In Bicton

“Our aim is to embrace and get to know the local community. We’ve had our sights set on Fremantle and its surrounds for some time now and we can’t wait to get to know the locals.  It’s exciting to be scooping our artisanal gelato a little further south,” says owner Chez de Bartolo.

Located in the Bicton Central Shopping Centre, you’ll be able to get your hands on a selection of ten of Chicho’s favourite flavours under their iconic pozzetti, both as scoops and as take-home packs – which you can also get via delivery if gelato in bed is your kind of energy (it’s definitely ours).

The pop up, which utilises the signature oh-so-cute gelato carts, has been designed sustainably and economically by Studio-Less, with materials and fixtures to be repurposed for future use.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, Chicho Gelato’s pop up is located at Shop 10, Bicton Central Shopping Centre. Check out their Instagram HERE for updates.