Coffee Heads Is Coming Soon To The Southwest!

Coffee Heads Vasse
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We’ve all been there: you’re on a long-haul drive, you need some caffeination stat, and you’re willing to gulp down some pretty lacklustre coffee to get it…

That’s no way to live! Luckily, the brains behind some of the state’s most deliciously roasted coffee and one of the state’s most celebrates chefs are joining forces with Coffee Heads – and they’re ready to revolutionise the drive-through.

“The appeal for me personally came when I became a parent,” says Margaret River Roasting Company’s James Tischhauser.

“As a father of four kids, I know all too well how hard it is for parents to grab a coffee, or some food, on the way to school drop-off, work or a sporting event. It ends up becoming not being worth it, but a drive-through can give that opportunity to people needing to be on the go.”

“Drive-through coffee has the stigma of being slow and lacklustre,” adds acclaimed roaster Isaac Kara.

“We aim to spin this on its head and bring amazing coffee, great service and incredible food to this venture.”

Coffee Heads Vasse

Scheduled to open this winter in Vasse, Coffee Heads will be serving Margaret River Roasting Company’s signature deliciously consistent coffees alongside a selection of bites from much-lauded chef Brendan Pratt, recently departed from highly awarded fine dining vineyard restaurant Vasse Felix.

“You know what’s got us excited about Coffee Heads? Our food,” says Tischhauser.

“Unsurprisingly Brendan has put together some seriously amazing options that pair perfectly with a coffee. He’s all about using high-quality ingredients to create food that’s both delicious and satisfying.”

“I’ll maintain my approach to food by sourcing high-quality local ingredients that are handled with care,” Pratt tells us.

“We’ll put the same level of effort into developing and testing these items as I have put into creating dishes at higher end restaurants. The small one percenter will count: by making a lot of our own meats and sauces in house, we can achieve a unique, well-balanced product that delivers on satisfaction.”

“The level of consistency, scrutiny and creativity will translate easily to this style of food, and only add another level of quality control, but the main thing that will remain is the focus on deliciousness.”

Coffee Heads is scheduled to open this winter, follow the Coffee Heads instagram for updates.