Delio Osborne Park

Home-Cooked Casseroles And Contis: Osborne Park Lunch Gets More Delicious With DeliO

bySally Hall
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There was once a time where we’d consider Osborne Park a bit of a deliciousness desert – where exactly did you get a tasty lunch amongst the industrial streets?

No more! Slowly but surely, bit by bit tasty bit, the Osborne Park deliciousness has increased, with the latest the aptly-named DeliO.

Delio Osborne Park

Perched on the corner of Frobisher Street, the café is slinging some home-cooked eats that’ll brighten any work day – including a range of pastas, casseroles and curries, plus some epic sandwiches.

We’re big fans of a conti around these parts, so our ears certainly perk up when we hear about the latest and greatest offering – and this one is definitely no slump.

Delio Osborne Park

If you’re feeling wholesome, tuck into one of their nourishing salads, which they reckon are the tastiest this side of the Mediterranean!

Coffee is courtesy of local roasters Fiori – snag a table inside for a coffee meeting or swing by the takeaway window if you’re on the go.

DeliO is open Monday to Friday, 6:30AM to 2:00PM.