Feeling Cute? Where To Grab A Solo Drink When You’re Thirty, Flirty And Thriving

Perth Bars For When You're Feeling Flirty, Alex Hotel, Northbridge
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Just had a haircut? A cute new outfit? Some days, gorgeous gorgeous girls (and guys) just gotta hit the town for a cheeky beveragino and show everyone what they’re workin’ with. Whether you’re content to have a solo vino or you’re feeling a little more, ahem, social – these are our favourite spots for a drink when we’re feeling ourselves.

Astral Weeks

Astral Weeks is a favourite of ours no matter the time, but particularly when we’re feeling extra cool and cultured. The bar’s focus on the music means showing up alone won’t raise any eyebrows, and solo visits are encouraged by the modest footprint and chill vibes. Enjoy a glass of natty inside and soak up the acoustics, or people watch from one of the laneway tables. Or perhaps you’ll find a tote bag wearing cutie to join you?

Perth's First Listening Bar, Astral Weeks Is Now Open In Northbridge

Shop 12, 66 Roe Street, Northbridge

Alex Hotel Lobby Bar

The oh-so-boutique, oh-so-cool Alex Hotel has long been considered the go-to destination for stylish visitors and staycationers, but you don’t need to be on holiday to pop into the delightful Lobby Bar. Perched at the entrance to the Cultural Centre, Alex’s Lobby Bar is open from morning ’til night, looking after you whether you need some morning caffeination or you’re popping in for a wine (the list is curated by the neighbouring Shadow Wine Bar) in the evening. With outlooks onto James Street and the laneway that’s also home to Mechanics Institute and Joe’s Juice Joint, it’s an ideal spot to watch the world go by – and who knows, maybe you’ll strike up a conversation with one of those stylish travellers?

Perth Bars For When You're Feeling Flirty, Alex Hotel, Northbridge

50 James Street, Northbridge

Shadow Wine Bar

While we’ve just talked about how great Alex Hotel’s Lobby Bar is, of course we can’t forget Shadow: the hotel’s adjoining, rather seductive wine bar and restaurant. While the Lobby Bar has you practically amongst the hustle and bustle of the Cultural Centre, Shadow’s vibe is much more mysterious. Perch at the bar and chuck back a couple of oysters – how sophisticated!

Perth Bars For When You're Feeling Flirty, Shadow Wine Bar, Alex Hotel, Northbridge

214 William Street, Perth


One of Perth’s hottest openings of the past few years, it makes sense to head to Casa when you’re feeling equally hot. Grab a table out the front, sip away and order one of those parfait eclairs with burnt honey, just for good measure. Just don’t make eye contact while you eat it – or do! Hubba hubba.

399 Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn


For a bar named “mother”, Mummucc’ is really rather… Sexy. We don’t mean to get Freudian, but one glance at those Skull Island prawns with bottarga butter and chilli vinegar, or the octopus arrostocini with a fiery nduja oil… Well, we’re drooling. Add in the ample wine list? We’re in love.

Perth Bars For When You're Feeling Flirty, Mummucc, Wembley

6/46–56 Grantham Street, Wembley

Vincent Wine

Sitting in Vincent’s leafy, brick-lined courtyard has us feeling like we’re on holiday and enjoying a long afternoon in a Parisian laneway. And if there’s one thing that’s true? We’re hottest on holidays – it’s a fact. Add in a glass of something delicious (and perhaps a bite to eat) and you’re cookin’ with gas.

Perth Bars For When You're Feeling Flirty, Vincent Wine, Northbridge

465 William Street, Perth


Ain’t nothing sexier than an afternoon soaking up the sun, fresh from the salty sea. Madalena’s has us feeling like our best, most easy-breezy selves – particularly when we’ve got a glass of wine in our hand and perhaps an anchovy or two on our plate.

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Perth Bars For When You're Feeling Flirty, Madalena's, South Fremantle

406 South Terrace, South Fremantle

Il Lido

Are we on an Italian beach? Are we heirs to a massive fortune? Are we movie stars? Sitting on Il Lido’s alfresco certainly has us feeling glamorous – and you can look above for our feelings on some salty seawater with our sun-drenched afternoon drinks.

88 Marine Parade, Cottesloe

Header image: Alex Hotel