The Gelato Club ice cream subscription

Sign Us Up! This Old-School Ice Creamery Has Just Launched A Gelato Subscription

bySally Hall
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Anything that gets a regular fix of gelato into our fridges (and our mouths) is absolutely great news in our books – particularly when we don’t even have to leave the house!

The Gelato Club is here to solve all your gelato needs, with a subscription service that will have tubs of the good stuff delivered straight to your door every month.

The Gelato Club ice cream subscription

Three subscriptions are on offer: “Sweet Tooth”, which will include two 750mL tubs, “Quite Obsessed” will get you three tubs, and “Absolutely Hooked”, which has four tubs delivered to your door, all on the first Saturday of each month.

“But I’ve got dietary restrictions!” We hear you cry. “But what if I only like certain flavours?!”

Well, the cool cats at the Gelato Club are giving you all the options, with a huge range of flavours that you can pick your tubs from – no surprises here, and heaps of dairy free, nut free, gluten free and soy free options.

They’ve had plenty of time to cook up a whole roster of delicious flavours. The crew have been making good old-fashioned ice cream for generations, utilising award-winning family recipes at the Junction Icecreamery since 1987.

Soft (serve) launching this week, they’re capping September orders until they get into the swing of things – so get in quick if you want to get your hot little hands on some cold treats!

The Gelato Club is available online now, check out their Instagram HERE for updates.