Melville Is Getting A New Store From The Crew At Angelo Street Market!

Angelo Street Market General Store Melville
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In some of the best news we’ve heard in yonks, the conti kings at Angelo Street Market are expanding, with a new Melville store set to open on Tuesday September 27.

The General Store will be bringing the same iconic rolls, gourmet goods, amazing açai and premium produce that we’ve come to know and love from Angelo Street to a brand-new Melville location.

Angelo Street Market General Store Melville

“We’re just trying to bring back the old-school general store vibes,” co-owner Mark tells us. “Close to parks, close to community villages – that was what we tried to do here and it’s worked so well that we wanted to do the second site.”

It’s certainly worked well – the South Perth store’s deli counter pumps out an almost dizzying number of rolls non-stop over the course of the day. Similarly, the coffee and açai window rarely sees a pause, and there’s a constant flow of customers perusing the aisles for fresh fruit and veg, gourmet groceries and smallgoods.

“We’re excited about it, that is what retail used to be fifty years ago and it’s gone away – but we believe in it, we’re excited about trying to show people ‘This is what retail was, and should be like’. 

“I grew up in a shop like this as a kid, so I remember what it was like, and it just got wiped out. They just disappeared, which is sad – but I think they are having a bit of a resurgence now.”

While the approach is called old-school, it never feels old-fashioned. Building genuine connections with customers is at the forefront, and while we’re chatting over a coffee at Angelo Street Market, Mark greets just about every one of the many of customers that walk past by name and with a joke.

“We know most of the customers that come every day, we know them by name, and say hello – that’s what we offer. And if they want something, we find it, we don’t just say ‘Oh, check that aisle’.”

“We don’t do a lot of trolley shops,” he concedes. “It’s not going to be for everyone, and you’re not going to be able to do your whole weekly shop here. Most of it is basket shopping – you come in, you buy something for the day, if you’re having friends over, if you want good produce.”

“There’s a million things we could carry in here, but unless we’re proud of it, we don’t put our name to it. If we wouldn’t buy it or eat it, we won’t put it on our shelves.”

The same approach will be applied to the Melville outpost: quality produce, quality coffee, quality rolls. Like the South Perth store, they’ll also have ready-made meals and catering platters on offer – with the addition of classic soft serves for those hot summer days.

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Angelo Street Market General Store Melville

“It’s a tight-knit community and they don’t have a community store – a place where you can go get a coffee, and get breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can get all three meals there, every day, and you can go across and eat it in the park! There’s not a lot of places in WA where you can do that.”

To celebrate the store’s opening, General Store will give away a free custom-designed t-shirt with the first 50 conti rolls ordered.

Angelo Street Market General Store Melville

General Store Melville is scheduled to open on Tuesday September 27, and will be located at 446 Marmion Street, Myaree. You can keep up with the store’s opening by checking out their Instagram HERE.

All photos by @pixi__lane