Goodnight, sweet prince: Freo’s Old Shanghai has closed

Old Shanghai Fremantle closure
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The end of an era! Last week, Fremantle’s beloved Old Shanghai food court suddenly closed its doors.

One of three remaining food operators alongside the food court’s bar, Taka’s Kitchen posted on Thursday, May 25 that they would be temporarily closed for the day, with another post the following day announcing that the entire food court would be “temporarily closed until further notice”.

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Neighbouring Siam Kitchen posted on their Facebook page that they were “unsure what the future holds” and would “remained closed for now till we know our next step”.

Recent years saw a decrease in Old Shanghai Fremantle’s tenants, with just Taka’s Kitchen, Siam Kitchen and Chinese BBQ Palace still operating at the time of closure.

Old Shanghai Fremantle closure

Following last week’s sudden shuttering, a sign for Managing Agent De Freitas & Ryan appeared in the food court’s window on Tuesday.

Originally built in 1897, the formerly heritage listed Piercy Building is also known to locals as “Uppies”, a reminder of when it operated as the “Up Market”, also an international food market.

Image credit: Taka’s Kitchen Fremantle